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Custom Tasklist examples | Camunda Team Blog
Sample Camunda workflow + React, Angular & VueJS
camuda  bpm  workflow  react  angular  vue 
28 days ago by to
The Correct Way to Sit in a Chair (and How This Could Help Your Performance in More Ways Than You’d Think) - Bulletproof Musician
The Correct Way to Sit in a Chair (and How This Could Help Your Performance in More Ways Than You’d Think)
music  BPM 
9 weeks ago by zheard
Java Business Process Engines | Flowable
The Flowable project provides a core set of open source business process engines that are compact and highly efficient. They provide a workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) platform for developers, system admins and business users.
flowable  bpm  java  workflow  engine  programming 
9 weeks ago by vicchow
AE Script – Beats Per Minute
If you are doing video for live music shows or need to animate to music in general and need to have animation on the beats, this is for you.  Run this script and it will create a null layer with markers on the beat based on any BPM or comp frame rate.  Presto!  You can now animate to the beat.

Install this in your AE Scripts folder and run from the File Menu > Scripts

Scripts folder:
PC:  Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects\Support Files\Scripts
MAC:  Applications\Adobe After Effects\Scripts
after  effects  adobe  animation  BPM  video 
july 2018 by jeanpoole
figma for states / processes
process  bpm  prototyping  yodi 
july 2018 by speedracr
Only For Robots 124 - Michael Brunner [1694, Philadelphia] by Don't Trust Humans | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Only For Robots 124 - Michael Brunner [1694, Philadelphia] by Don't Trust Humans https://ift.tt/2KnO2MN [Philadelphia] For our 124th Only For Robots, we welcome Michael Brunner. We have been sitting on this one for a long time, and have been incredibly eager to share it with all of you. Hypnotic slow churning head burner. Please enjoy! BIO- Michael Brunner is a co-founder of 1694 - the music, visual art, and event production collective in Philadelphia. With Chicago roots tracing back to the 1990s, he's been collecting and playing records from a broad spectrum of music for over 20 years. His mixes reflect the freedom that comes with never aiming to monetize his passion for music. He currently produces Curious Dream each month with JD Harrington and Radere, which explores ambient and experimental soundscapes paired with strong visuals by local artist Candace Price and the occasional guest. 2562 - New Life Autechre - Rotar Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tschak Special Request - Deflowered (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix) Meat Beat Manifesto - Acid Again (Dub Again) Peder Mannerfelt - It's Coming Tolouse Low Trax - Rushing Into Water Atom™ - Acidsexmagic Tricky - Brand New You're Retro Pierrot Premier - Orange Clouds Over Battery Park - X-911 Remix Drvg Cvltvre - Hermes Russia Raudive - Small Changes Arbeid Adelt! - Death Disco Intergalactic Gary & Pasiphae - Disconnected Bill Converse - Phantom Pain Gemini Brothers - Bazaar Dilem (Lokier Remix) Templeyard Studios - msg-ii Ossia - Tumult (Lurka Remix) Bruce - Post Rave Wrestle (Mosca's Dead Leg Version) Randomer - Curtains Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais - Sleep Without Rest TYVYT|IYTYI - Only Fools MG - Europa Hymn (Andy Stott Remix) Shed - Keep Time Svreca - Trance (Yves De Mey Lush 104 Remix) Tolouse Low Trax - Vai Vai Bandshell - Dust March Zelienople - It's Hard To Steal Cars
ifttt  soundcloud  ofr124  philadelphia  weare1694  1694  110  bpm  chicago  mix  dj  podcast  michael  brunner  netlabel  "only  for  robots  124  brunner"  "  "slow  burn"  "just  br 
june 2018 by stringbot

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