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Chefs & Celebrities Respond to Anthony Bourdain Death | Tasting Table
News, stories and reactions from the past week
In the week since Anthony Bourdain's tragic death, his friends and, fans have joined chefs and celebrities in pouring forth with words and photos in commemoration.
• This opinion piece in The Washington Post about "why Iranians love Bourdain."
• CNN collected stories from readers about what Bourdain meant to them.
• Netflix announced that it would keep Parts Unknown available to stream.
• "Anthony Bourdain was the best white man," Mallika Rao wrote for Vulture.
• The New York Times on what he meant to people of color.
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Watch Pearl Jam Dedicate Tour Kickoff to Anthony Bourdain | Music News | Consequence of Sound
Ever classy, the Seattle rockers also paid respects to the Spade family
Pearl Jam is a class act. Listen to any number of bootlegs from the Seattle rockers and you’ll see that Eddie Vedder and the gang have their hearts in the right place. Well, traditions die hard, and last night, the band came out in a state of love and trust for their European tour kick off at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam with a few dedications.
“We dedicate this to Anthony [Bourdain], my friend David [Spade], his brother Andrew [Spade],” Vedder said, the latter two being the brother-in-law and husband, respectively, of designer Kate Spade. “They are deep in our hearts tonight and we thank you.”
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Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and the Preventable Tragedies of Suicide | The New Yorker ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩
Anthony Bourdain was almost inconceivably high-functioning; the gap between public triumph and private despair is treacherous.

Photograph by Mike Coppola / Getty

Dr. Kelly Posner, who helped develop the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C.-S.S.R.S.), pointed out that more policemen die of suicide than die on the job; more soldiers die of suicide than die in combat; more firefighters die of suicide than die in fires. “And it’s one preventable cause of death,” she said.
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R.I.P. sensei: in memory of Anthony Bourdain | the boy who ate the world
Thank you and RIP sensei. I hope there’s plenty of Laksa, Pho & beers where you are.
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