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Ignition Documentation | Install Ignition with CoreOS
Ignition is a new provisioning utility designed specifically for CoreOS Container Linux. At the the most basic level, it is a tool for manipulating disks during early boot. This includes partitioning disks, formatting partitions, writing files (regular files, systemd units, networkd units, etc.), and configuring users. On first boot, Ignition reads its configuration from a source-of-truth (remote URL, network metadata service, hypervisor bridge, etc.) and applies the configuration.

Even though Ignition only runs once, it packs a powerful punch. Because Ignition runs so early in the boot process (in the initramfs, to be exact), it is able to accomplish configuration all before the userspace has begun booting, which enables advanced features that Container Linux admins require.
ignition  cloud-init  firstboot  boot  coreos 
19 hours ago by slmingol
Dual boot Ubuntu with Windows on Acer Aspire
I've installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS along side with Windows 10 (I shrinked my Disk using Windows Disk Management) on my Acer laptop (ES1-531-C13G), but when I restart/reboot my system no menu (Grub scr...
linux  boot  install 
2 days ago by stuarth
How To Create a RetroPie USB Boot Drive for Raspberry Pi 3 - TechWizTime
to learn how to use an HDD with your Raspberry Pi instead of a SD Card
Using  double  boot  with  SD  and  USB 
9 days ago by dula
Eastland® Denali Plain Toe Boot | belk
Finished with a slip-resistant rubber sole, you're going to like the classic profile of the Denali Plain Toe Boot. For excellent support, this boot features the Eastland Exclusive Active Memory Foam comfort insole and shock-absorbing cushioning for easy wear.
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12 days ago by hlennard

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