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Black Library - The Horus Heresy: Reading Order
Read all from the following authors.
- Dan Abnett
- Aaron Something-or-other
- Craig Wraight
- Graham McNeill
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Hacker News Books
Top books based on links found in user comments on Hacker News
last week
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Buddhist author George Saunders and "Lincoln in the Bardo"
“In my writing work, I’ve noticed that if you do anything with real intensity, and with a real interest in the truth of the matter, then it ends up being dharmic somehow. If you’re really, really interested in the truth, then you’ll end up with something that looks and feels very much like dharma.”

-- Sam Littlefair
Lion's Roar | | 18 oct 2017
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20 hours ago by tometaxu
Category Theory for the Sciences
Online, free version of the book written by David Spivak and published by MIT Press.
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