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Hong Kong côté coulisses
Etonnante métropole de plus de 7 millions d'habitants, Hong Kong a été "restituée" à la Chine par le Royaume Uni il y a juste vingt ans et - business as usual - tout semble y continuer comme avant, avec un pragmatisme déroutant.
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18 hours ago by aries1988
Based on the Movie Log, I present you Book Log
When you finished reading a book, this workflow is all you need to save it to Day One app. You type the name of the book and it uses Google Books API to get all relevant information plus a nice cover image.
18 hours ago by rmateu
Fantasy and Science Fiction: Books To Look For by Charles de Lint
LORD DEMON, by Roger Zelazny & Jane Lindskold -- review by Charles de Lint
19 hours ago by configures

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