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Word Of Mouth Marketing Association - Wommapedia
Example of a sketchy website - concat for contact, address is "office building", event descriptions on calendar full of mistakes.
ESB6  website  websites  problems  sketchy  bogus 
11 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Review: A Counterfeit, $100 iPhone X
"We disassembled the phone and asked security researchers to probe it to find out what it is. Verdict: It's wild."
hardware  iphone  counterfeit  bogus  awesome  teardown  gear 
july 2018 by grahams
Why playing games like "Simon Says" can help kids do better in school — Quartz
The self-regulation discussion is interesting but also problematic.
A confounding factor is compliance and obedience.

Disobedient and noncompliant kids are more likely to be punished (and medicated) and that can appear to be a lack of "self regulation" - but it could also be a skew that's being ignored because the metrics only favor the "self-regulated" children.
pedagogy  games  cognition  multitasking  self.regulation  bogus 
may 2018 by po
How to Spend $1,900 on Gene Tests Without Learning a Thing - MIT Technology Review
drilled into where Arivale’s predictions about body mass come from. They’re based on a 2015 paper that summarizes what’s known about the genetic links to obesity from population studies involving about 340,000 people. Scientists have uncovered hundreds of statistical links between specific DNA variants and weight. Add these small effects together, and scientists can create a “genetic risk score” for a specific person.
consumergenomics  bogus  genomics  Lifeskout 
october 2017 by koenkas
Emails show how an Ivy League prof tried to do damage control for his bogus food science • Buzzfeed
Stephanie Lee:
<p>The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, a $22m federally funded program that pushes healthy-eating strategies in almost 30,000 schools, is partly based on studies that contained flawed — or even missing — data.

The main scientist behind the work, Cornell University professor Brian Wansink, has made headlines for his research into the psychology of eating. His experiments have found, for example, that women who put cereal on their kitchen counters weigh more than those who don’t, and that people will pour more wine if they’re holding the glass than if it's sitting on a table. Over the past two decades he’s written two popular books and more than 100 research papers, and enjoyed widespread media coverage (including on BuzzFeed).

Yet over the past year, Wansink and his “Food and Brand Lab” have come under fire from scientists and statisticians who’ve spotted all sorts of red flags — including data inconsistencies, mathematical impossibilities, errors, duplications, exaggerations, eyebrow-raising interpretations, and instances of self-plagiarism — in 50 of his studies.

Journals have so far retracted three of these papers and corrected at least seven. Now, emails obtained by BuzzFeed News through public information requests reveal for the first time that Wansink and his Cornell colleague David Just are also in the process of correcting yet another study, “Attractive names sustain increased vegetable intake in schools,” published in Preventive Medicine in 2012.</p>

Who could have guessed that headline-friendly "science" might be flawed?
science  bogus 
september 2017 by charlesarthur
Så lätt hackas din mobil via öppet wifi | SVT Nyheter
Använd appar, de har högre säkerhet än vanliga webbsidor.
security  bogus 
july 2017 by dentarg
Google Says 99.95% of Takedown Notices are Bogus
Google has revealed that most DMCA requests don’t even correspond to real sites. Current laws state that US-based internet service providers do not need to police the internet for copyright infringes, but they do need to comply and remove content, if asked by a copyright holder to do so. This agreement is currently under scrutiny, after rightsholders...

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The post Google Says 99.95% of Takedown Notices are Bogus appeared first on VR-Zone.
Google  Says  99.95%  of  Takedown  Notices  are  Bogus 
february 2017 by vrzone

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