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Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
The crashes of two Boeing Co. 737 Max jets in five months have focused attention on a little-known device that malfunctioned, starting a chain reaction that sent the planes into deadly dives. via Pocket
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6 days ago by MelissaAgnes
More Indonesian families are filing lawsuits against Boeing after CEO's apology - Chicago Tribune
More families of victims of the Lion Air crash in Indonesia are suing Chicago-based Boeing Co. after its chief executive apologized last week and said a software update for the Max 8 jet would prevent further disasters. via Pocket
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6 days ago by MelissaAgnes
Boeing’s 737 Max: 1960s Design, 1990s Computing Power and Paper Manuals - The New York Times
Pilots start some new Boeing planes by turning a knob and flipping two switches. The Boeing 737 Max, the newest passenger jet on the market, works differently. via Pocket
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6 days ago by MelissaAgnes
Boeing 737 MAX crash and the rejection of ridiculous data • Philip Greenspun’s Weblog
<p><a href="">“Boeing 737 Max: What went wrong?”</a> (BBC) contains a plot showing the angle of attack data being fed to Boeing’s MCAS software. Less than one minute into the flight, the left sensor spikes to an absurd roughly 70-degree angle of attack. Given the weight of an airliner, the abruptness of the change was impossible due to inertia. But to have avoided killing everyone on board, the software would not have needed a “how fast is this changing?” capability. It would simply have needed a few extra characters in an IF statement.

Had the systems engineers and programmers checked Wikipedia, for example, (or maybe even their own web site) they would have learned that “The critical or stalling angle of attack is typically around 15° – 20° for many airfoils.” Beyond 25 degrees, therefore, it is either sensor error or the plane is stalling/spinning and something more than a slow trim is going to be required.

So, even without checking the left and right AOA sensors against each other (what previous and conventional stick pusher designs have done), all of the problems could potentially have been avoided…</p>

As Greenspun points out, it would just be a little extra logic - if a reading is wildly impossible, then reality hasn't shifted; the sensor is wrong. The logic presently tends to assume the sensor is right.
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7 days ago by charlesarthur
Boeing 737 Max grounding hits American Airlines outlook - BBC News
American Airlines has cut its sales outlook after being forced to cancel hundreds of flights involving the grounded Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

The airline now expects a key measure of total revenue to be flat or grow by 1% during the first quarter, compared to previous forecasts of a 2% increase.

The firm is the second largest operator of the Boeing 737 Max 8 in the US.

The jet is at the centre of two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia within five months of each other.

American Airlines also said that it was unable to forecast how much the disruption would cost the company.

Since the Boeing 737 Max 8 was grounded in the US on 13 March, American Airlines has cut 1,200 flights and has extended cancellations through its second quarter to 30 June, which will affect about 90 flights a day.
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$BA has likely ended cycle from 2003 low and should see larger 3 waves pullback in wave (IV)
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