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Eating Disorders Among LGBTQ Youth - 2018
The mission of The Trevor Project is to end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning young people. To do so, we not only provide direct services 24/7 for LGBTQ youth in crisis, but are committed to new, groundbreaking research to better understand the mental health and lived experiences of LGBTQ young people.
A majority of LGBTQ youth surveyed (54%) reported that they had ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder.
- Of the 46% of LGBTQ youth surveyed who had not been diagnosed with an eating disorder, 54% reported that they suspected that they had an undiagnosed eating disorder.
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15 days ago by maw
Body Positive or Body Neutral? Does it Matter? How Words Can Detract From Fully Living Your Unique Life.
Sobczak, C.. (2017, April 13). Body positive or body neutral? Does it Matter? How Words Can Detract From Fully Living Your Unique Life. The Body Positive.
18 days ago by maw
Instagram use and young women’s body image concerns and self-objectification: Testing mediational pathwaysNew Media & Society - Jasmine Fardouly, Brydie K Willburger, Lenny R Vartanian, 2017
Fardouly, J., Willburger, B. K., & Vartanian, L. R. (2017, February 1). Instagram use and young women’s body image concerns and self-objectification: Testing mediational pathways. New Media & Society.
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november 2017 by maw
Media Influence On Body Image - Self Confidence Issues
body positivity was still reducing me to just my body, and I needed to remember that I am so much more.
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july 2017 by Kawthar

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