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The October Man - Wikipedia
Guilt-ridden man struggles with believing in his own goodness, supported by a true love while being hounded by police
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“The Tragedy of the Thomas Indian School”
Keith Burich is the author of The Thomas Indian School and the "Irredeemable" Children Of New York.

"It's a story that needs to be told," Burich says.

"It's also a story that needs to be told for the children who went here, and their families. They need their story to be told, and their families need to know what happened here at the Thomas Indian School."

Indian Boarding Schools in the 1800's were widespread across the United States and Canada, and a direct result of the failing reservation systems. For many reasons, conditions on the reservations were brutal. Native people often fell to the many headed hydra of social ills from being forced to live as pariahs in American society.

Poverty, disease, alcoholism and domestic abuse ran rampant through their communities, forcing Indian families who were unable to care for their children to surrender them to boarding schools, or worse: having them taken forcibly by federal and state authorities.

Burich says the Thomas Indian School is still considered to be the worst of them all.

"The traditional structures, the traditional institutions for taking care of children who might be abandoned or orphaned or whatever, broke down, because you were attacking the communities and the families and they were no longer able to take care of their own. And so what do you do? You create institutions to take care of them, and that was what the Thomas Indian School was all about. The Thomas Asylum For Orphaned And Destitute Indian Children."

The school actually began as a somewhat benevolent institution. It was founded in 1855 by two Presbyterian missionaries, the Reverend Asher Wright and his wife, Laura. Indian children from across the state were taken in, including those from the Seneca Nation. At the time, the Wrights were still teaching the Seneca language and employing teachers who spoke Seneca and were sympathetic to their plight.
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november 2017 by nynate17
The Most Extraordinary Canine Facility - The Canine Ranch
The Canine Ranch is built on a philosophy of providing a fun and enriching atmosphere for both dogs and humans. We provide services in dog boarding, dog training and dog sports.
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november 2017 by jkernsjr

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