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We’re geeking out on to as well as tonight. Board Games and Beer - Enough said! 7:30pm tonight…
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10 days ago by micktwomey
Tabletop Game Review Index - GeekDad
This is a collection of the tabletop game reviews that have been written over the years on GeekDad. Click each individual bar to show games beginning with that letter (or numbers). For this list, we’ve ignored the word “The” at the beginning of a title (for example, The Magic Labyrinth would be filed under ‘M’).

Games that have the Approved icon behind them have been deemed extra-special good for each calendar year. You can read about that process here.
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13 days ago by abeckstrom
Gloomhaven Scenario Viewer App
Hides rooms so they're not spoiled and can be revealed in scenario
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15 days ago by nickv2002
Topic: FIELDS OF FIRE - Support Group (6/6) - Trash Talk - There Will Be Games
Piggybacking on that, Jeb, I think the hardest thing to accept in FoF is that there are many situations (esp. w/scouting and close combat) where you *know* you are sending dudes off to die, you just need to do it as efficiently as possible. Like in that scenario I instagrammed I sent multiple assault teams into rice paddies to clear contact markers---they all died because they drew contact and I knew that was the most likely outcome.

That is a chilling thing to think about *in this game*, because you know exactly who you represent (CO HQ). That persona has an exact analogy to a tangible real life person. Moreover, FoF has this aspect where it does not pretend there is any brilliant, game-saving way out of most situations. It's not gamey at all in that fashion, and I think it helps the feeling of tension it imbues in you.
18 days ago by craniac
Official Gloomhaven FAQ
Rules clarifications, scenario corrections, etc
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19 days ago by nickv2002

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