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nice interface to boardgamegeek collections
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4 days ago by brondsem
RT : These donuts from are a hit during our Design workshop at this afternoon.…
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4 days ago by whykay
Gloomhaven Community Campaign Capital Intrigue
Campaign with fan-voted branches. Best with new level 1 chars.
gloomhaven  boardgames 
5 days ago by nickv2002
RT : How a single company stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of : My exclusive report on one of the lar…
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7 days ago by sxtxixtxcxh
How a single company stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of : My exclusive report on one of the lar…
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8 days ago by pjbentley
Cave Evil: No Cults – Player Elimination
This thing reads more like a sacred text for a diabolical cult as opposed to something as silly and frivolous as a game.
9 days ago by craniac
Not enough people have seen this amazing post
boardgames  from twitter_favs
9 days ago by pjbentley
CIA’s in-house board games can now be yours thanks to FOIA request | Ars Technica
"Last year, the CIA used a South By Southwest festival event to reveal one of its weirdest training exercises: a series of globe-trotting, espionage-filled board games. If you're wondering why we're circling back to this news almost exactly one year later, we have four letters for you: FOIA.

A series of Freedom of Information Act requests, filed last June by Southern California tech entrepreneur Doug Palmer, finally bore fruit last week. The CIA has now released rules, art, and design documents for the two board games we played at last year's SXSW."
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11 days ago by eugenexxv

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