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Fab's Squadrons generator - X-wing Miniatures game - HOME
The "squadrons generator" allow you to create either randomly or manually your squadrons. You can also start your build manually then complete it randomly.
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yesterday by mchmurkowski
Corporate Agenda: Murder Netrunner - There Will Be Games
G.K. Chesterton, writing about fairy tales, posits that "they make rivers run with wine only to make us remember, for one wild moment, that they run with water."
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6 days ago by craniac
Battlestations (2nd Edition) Review
When everything aligns and your thrusters are firing at a full burn, Battlestations is majestic. You'll dive into the absurd as a starfish dude is piloting your spacecraft trying to dodge missiles, meanwhile you're aboard the enemy station sabotaging their power supply and engaging a mushroom in hand to hand combat with a vibraknife. If that doesn't get the heart aflutter then your ticker's colder than the dead emptiness of space.
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8 days ago by craniac
Why aren't there more women designing , and what should we do about it? Since tweeting about this a few…
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9 days ago by pjbentley
The 4x Fantasy Game ‘Heroes of Land, Air & Sea’ Gets a Dose of ‘Order and Chaos’ | Geek and Sundry
Love board games? So do we! Join host Becca Scott here on Geek & Sundry for Game the Game, where she breaks out the best games in tabletop and plays them
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15 days ago by basemaly

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