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Barnes on Games #9 - Marie Kondo Is Right About Your Game Collection - There Will Be Games
Generally, I find this entire topic of purging interesting as it really runs into the underlying cultural wounds that we still carry around from the depression.
frugal  boardgames  hoarding  materiality 
18 hours ago by craniac
Home of board game inserts and organizers - Folded Space
Board game inserts and organizers that are affordable and lightweight. Developed to improve game play and secure box storage for many of your favourite games.
3 days ago by gndolfo
Music for boardgames
BoardGames  Music 
8 days ago by dlt0rre
Catan Guide - The four advantages | Catan | BoardGameGeek
I'm pretty sure there are people who still play the base Catan game. If you're one of them, I invite you to read the following guide.
I tried to sum up the best advice from other guides while drawing from my own experience.

The most important part of
bgg  boardgames  strategy  catan 
11 days ago by rekateka
Fux&Bär – Der etwas andere Brettspiel Podcast
A podcast on boardgaming and boardgames, playing boardgames with childrens.
boardgames  podcast 
13 days ago by oliverschwarz
A very nice, sometimes lengthy podcast on boardgames and playing them.
boardgames  podcast 
13 days ago by oliverschwarz

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