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GitHub - virtualabs/btlejack-firmware: Btlejack firmware for BBC Micro:Bit
This repository contains the firmware source code used by Btlejack to communicate and attack BLE connections with Micro:Bit devices.
bluetooth  micro:bit 
yesterday by whip_lash
WELT | Smart Belt for Fashion & Healthcare
WELT looks just like a stylish leather belt while allowing you to discreetly monitor your health. Choices of different designs and exquisite quality makes it naturally belt, but better. To be in healthy body state, keeping average waistline is more important than managing weight or body fat. WELT measures waistline size via Bluetooth
health  belt  wearable  smartbelt  wireless  bluetooth 
11 days ago by cyberchucktx
Visualizing spatial data with AR - Things Ken made.
As part of our holiday cleanup, I spent some time optimizing the Wifi layout of our house. To help with this, I built an AR app "AR Sensor" to measure and visualize various spatial data, such as the Wifi signal strength. The way it works is very simple. It uses the positional tracker provided by ARCore (Android's default AR framework) to constantly track the 3D coordinates of the phone inside the house, whilst also measuring other data provided by the smartphone's sensors (like Wifi signal strength). As you move the phone about, it accumulates the measurements which you can view in AR:
augmentedreality  android  networking  communications  measurement  wifi  bluetooth 
11 days ago by cyberchucktx

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