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Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index Doubles in Size, Recognizing 230 Companies Committed to Advancing Women in the Workplace | Bloomberg L.P.
New York, 16 January 2019 – Bloomberg announced the launch of its 2019 Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which this year selected 230 companies committed to transparency in gender reporting and advancing women’s equality in the workplace. The index more than doubled in size from 2018 and includes firms from 10 sectors headquartered across 36 countries and regions. Collectively, these firms have a combined market capitalization of USD9 trillion and employ more than 15 million people ­— including 7 million women — around the world. Argentina, mainland China, Israel and South Africa are among the 13 markets represented for the first time this year.
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4 days ago by eversourcenh
AMLO’s Money Guy Sends Message to Anxious Wall Street Crowd - Bloomberg
Lopez Obrador has been mending fences with investors after sending the peso into a tailspin in late October when he said he’d cancel a $13 billion airport already under construction. The peso has now fully recovered from that rout thanks to a 2019 budget widely regarded as prudent, if not somewhat optimistic, and a deal struck with bondholders of the cancelled airport project.
AMLO  Mexico  bloomberg 
10 days ago by HispanicPundit
Chance of developing stroke sometime during lifespan at 25 percent | Bloomberg
The probability of a person developing a stroke at some point during their remaining lifespan is seen at one in four globally on average, according to 2016 data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Dr. Gregory Roth, assistant professor of global health at the UW, is quoted.
Roth.Gregory  Institute.Health.Metrics&Evaluation  !UWitM  2019  Bloomberg  natl  Department:Global.Health 
11 days ago by uwnews
Opinion: Tech giants, gorging on AI professors is bad for you | Bloomberg
"If industry keeps hiring the cutting-edge scholars, who will train the next generation of innovators in artificial intelligence?" writes Ariel Procaccia of Carnegie Mellon University. The UW's Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering is mentioned.
Allen.School  !UWitM  natl  Bloomberg  College:Engineering  2019 
15 days ago by uwnews
Prison Reform Law Doesn't Go Far Enough - Bloomberg
"The upshot is that many incarcerated people suffer cruel and unusual punishment far beyond any issues they might raise about the unfairness of their sentence. Furthermore, once they are in prison, they often have little recourse to the rule of law if they are beaten, harassed, raped or intimidated — including, of course, by prison guards. In essence, they are being sentenced to live outside the protection of a system of laws, and that is clearly not the intent expressed in the Constitution. It is not unusual for a prison to be found guilty of violating common standards of decency, never mind constitutionality."
tyler-cowen  bloomberg  prison  reform  government  politics  crisis 
18 days ago by actualitems
India GDP growth: Why India cannot achieve the growth it wants without reducing income, gender inequality | Bloomberg
India lags many of its south Asian neighbours on the human development index primarily because of inequalities, said a recent report by the United Nations Development Fund. These inequalities, in turn, hamper India’s economic growth. Dr. Christopher Murray, director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the UW, is quoted.
Bloomberg  !UWitM  natl  Murray.Christopher  Institute.Health.Metrics&Evaluation  2019 
20 days ago by uwnews
Here’s How America Uses Its Land — Information is Beautiful Awards
How do Americans use their land? Bloomberg’s exploration uses a series of unique 8,000-pixel maps in a distinctive, scrolling web experience.
landuse  geography  datavisualisation  Bloomberg  casestudy  USA  InformationisBeautiful  2018 
20 days ago by inspiral
Opinion: Finally, a GMO to tempt the crowd at Whole Foods | Bloomberg
Some consumers consider modified products risky and see few reasons to try them. A houseplant that purges carcinogens from the air might change that. Stuart Strand, research professor in civil and environmental engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Strand.Stuart  !UWitM  2018  Bloomberg  natl  College:Engineering  Department:Civil&Environmental.Engineering  GM.plants.air 
25 days ago by uwnews

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