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Video Of The Week: How Play Made the Modern World – AVC
Steven has this wonderful quality of being able to observe both history and the present and make connections between the two and also to weave those observations into narratives that make for great stories. A persistent theme in his work is the role of play in the advancement of society. via Pocket
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yesterday by clayhebert
Getting Started With Chef-solo – The Geeky Way
Old, but still good for a quick start. Why the hard to read screenshots though?

- Just do a `dpkg -i` for the chef-dk url
- `mkdir chef`
- `cd chef`
- `mkdir -p cookbook/hellochef/recipes`
- `vi cookbook/hellochef/recipes/default.rb`

Put whatever ruby you want to be executed

- `vi ~/chef/node.json`

"run_list": [ "recipe[hellochef]" ]

- `vi ~/solo.rb`

file_cache_path "/path/to/chef"
cookbook_path "/path/to/chef/cookbook"
json_attribs "/path/to/chef/node.json"

- `chef-solo -c solo.rb`
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yesterday by atomicules
What’s Going On? – AVC
A lot, to be honest. It’s Crypto Week in NYC this week. The last two weeks have been a blur, with so many things happening that I can’t keep up or write about all of them. via Pocket
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3 days ago by clayhebert

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