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Freed Computer
"Read anecdotal Free Software success stories to help you choose and setup a Free Software computer!"
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17 hours ago by mechazoidal
Research Blog: Introducing Appsperiments: Exploring the Potentials of Mobile Photography
Storyboard (Android) transforms your videos into single-page comic layouts, entirely on device. Simply shoot a video and load it in Storyboard. The app automatically selects interesting video frames, lays them out, and applies one of six visual styles. (via Pocket at December 11, 2017 at 04:38PM )
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18 hours ago by amaral
Ask the Bigot
"The discussion about gay marriage deserves more than the one-liner and bumper sticker jabs that both sides lob into the debate. Having been raised by my mother who is in a same-sex relationship, this is my attempt to present my thoughts unapologetically but with sensitivity and fairness. Thanks for reading."

Came to my attention via the guest post from Marion Zimmer Bradley's daughter (
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20 hours ago by loimprevisto
Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital Opens a 3D Printing Center of Excellence - Part 1 - Stratasys Blog
Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital Opens a 3D Printing Center of Excellence – Part 1 via Stratasys Blog
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21 hours ago by fabbing
RT : MUST HAVE SEO TOOL create UNIQUE articles in seconds! | Marketing ideas | Blogger fre…
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22 hours ago by ormg
10 Reasons Why Web Design SEO Services Boost Business
via blog digital marketing – Internet marketing local SEO web design Sheffield

If you want your business to be successful online, people have to know you exist. The easiest way to announce your presence to the world is through SEO and web design. Using these two services together ...

The post 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Web Design and SEO Services appeared first on:

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Red Kite SEO
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