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Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature' | Environment | The Guardian
Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'
Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review
insects  biodiversity  climate  change  environment  extinction  ecosystem  collapse  nature 
5 days ago by emilyd
Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers
Biodiversity of insects is threatened worldwide. Here, we present a comprehensive review of 73 historical reports of insect declines from across the globe, and systematically assess the underlying drivers. Our work reveals dramatic rates of decline that may lead to the extinction of 40% of the world's insect species over the next few decades. [...] The main drivers of species declines appear to be in order of importance: i) habitat loss and conversion to intensive agriculture and urbanisation; ii) pollution, mainly that by synthetic pesticides and fertilisers; iii) biological factors, including pathogens and introduced species; and iv) climate change
insects  climate-change  biodiversity  2019  ecology  science  extinction 
5 days ago by zzkt
Mikä uhkaa hyönteisiä? Luonnontieteellisen museon hyönteistiimin vetäjä Pasi Sihvonen vastasi yleisön kysymyksiin | Yle Uutiset |
– Elinympäristöjen väheneminen, yksipuolistuminen ja pirstaloituminen ovat keskeisiä hyönteiskadon syitä. Toimet, mitkä edesauttavat hyönteisille tärkeiden elinympäristöjen säilymistä, ovat tärkeitä. Esimerkiksi kukkaniityt, kukkivat tienpientareet ja mesibaarit ovat tärkeitä ja yksittäisen ihmisen vaikutuspiirissä.
biodiversity  climate  landuse  metapopulation  eco 
5 days ago by pelttari
WILDLABS.NET is a community of conservationists, technologists, engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and change makers. Together, we share information, ideas, tools and resources to discover and implement technology-enabled solutions to some of the biggest conservation challenges facing our planet.
research  sustainability  iot  ecology  biodiversity  planetaryhealth 
12 days ago by dunc
Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals – study | Environment | The Guardian
Groundbreaking assessment of all life on Earth reveals humanity’s surprisingly tiny part in it as well as our disproportionate impact
anthropocene  environment  biodiversity 
17 days ago by zesteur
Salinity Tolerance of Macroinvertebrates in Stream Waters (Review)
PDF download, includes some data on Stratiomyidae among many other taxa
biodiversity  diptera  stratiomyidae  ecology  larvae 
20 days ago by kitenet
Shibboleth Consortium – Privacy Preserving Identity Management
Federated SSO.

"Shibboleth is a single sign-on log-in system for computer networks and the Internet. It allows people to sign in using just one identity to various systems run by federations of different organizations or institutions. The federations are often universities or public service organizations.

The Shibboleth Internet2 middleware initiative created an architecture and open-source implementation for identity management and federated identity-based authentication and authorization (or access control) infrastructure based on Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Federated identity allows the sharing of information about users from one security domain to the other organizations in a federation. This allows for cross-domain single sign-on and removes the need for content providers to maintain user names and passwords. Identity providers (IdPs) supply user information, while service providers (SPs) consume this information and give access to secure content."

Apache 2 license.

Startupinthecloud  Security  sysAdmin  Software_Engineering  opensource  Enterprise_Architecture  Management  NGO_NPO  Biodiversity  Integration_Solution 
21 days ago by eocas
New York Natural Heritage Program Guides
The New York Natural Heritage Program facilitates the conservation of New York State’s biodiversity by providing comprehensive information and scientific expertise on rare species and natural ecosystems to resource managers and other conservation partners.
nys  ecology  geography  nature  environment  biodiversity  conservation 
21 days ago by javagar

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