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Ocean Air Cycles Rambler
Sizing will be very similar to what you may ride with a Rivendell or Surly Long Haul Trucker. For example I ride a 63 or 64 on my Roadeo and Eisentraut, the 63 above is designed around my needs and fits like a custom with a perfect fist full of seat post exposed.
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11 hours ago by mikael
Threadless and Quill Stems
In the late 80s, the rise of mountain bikes brought the first major change in headsets: the increase in diameter from 1-in. to 1 1/8-in. […] In the 1990s came the threadless headsets with stems that bolt onto the outside of the steerer, rather than quill stems being inserted and tightened with an expander wedge inside the steerer.
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23 hours ago by mikael
Top 10 Fastest Bikes in the World | Zaid Khan
If you are looking for Top 10 Fastest Bikes in the World then this video is for you. There are many Fastest Bike in the World but there are very few Top Speed Bike is available in the market. People are crazy about High-Speed Bike and they always search for Fastest Motorcycle on Internet so they type which is the fastest bike in the world?
top  10  fastest  bikes  world 
3 days ago by aniskhan
Kingdom Trails VT June 28-30, 2019
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4 days ago by mozzarella
How to Remove and Replace a Bike Cassette |
Step by step guide on how to remove and install a new bicycle cassette.
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4 days ago by mozzarella
Starling Swoop Review: The UK Home Built Steel Bike | ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine
In this day and age of high-end multi linkaged carbon dream machines sold in their masses to the drooling MTB public, it’s quite a special moment when you come across a bike literally made at home by an aeronautical engineer in Bristol, UK.
mtb  bikes 
4 days ago by mozzarella
Swoop 27.5 - Starling Cycles
when i go full suspension this will be it
mtb  bikes 
4 days ago by mozzarella
Starling MK3 Prototype - Tested - Dirt
Handmade Starling steel 150mm strikes an impressive balance between flex and stiffness

steel full susser, k yeah next dream bike
mtb  bikes 
4 days ago by mozzarella
Cuttimg holes in a steel frame-
debates for internal dropper post routing
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6 days ago by mozzarella
Gary Fisher Owners - The Official Picture thread - Page 11-
I sold it almost 10 years later and got $150 for it, but almost immediately regretted it. A few months later this nice HKEK popped up on Craigslist for $180. Just like my Aquila but with XT components and unfortunately the same terrible fork. :P
mtb  bikes 
6 days ago by mozzarella
Stavanger Outback MY18 Schutzbleche, Gepäckträger etc.
photos  cycling  bikes 
6 days ago by mikael
Functional bikes. Not Porn not Anti
Certain bikes just don't fit in either the Porn or Anti threads but deserve appreciation for their function rather than their form.
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6 days ago by mikael

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