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Bike Racks in Ann Arbor · Chris Salzman's Website
I look at this like the ice sculptures that pop up on main street every year: it’s a great thing that a business pays hundreds of dollars for once a year and is extremely temporary. What if for $1000 a business could fund the cost of a rack that has a plaque on it all year round?
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2 days ago by cdzombak
SRAM® HydroR™ Brake Service Tips and Tricks
Over time caliper pistons can get sticky and no longer advance properly. This can lead to low braking power, a spongy lever feel, uneven pad wear, and noise. Fixing the problem is often as easy as performing a piston advance. This can be accomplished by first removing the wheel and taking the brake pads out of the caliper; then using a plastic tire lever, push one piston in while you squeeze the brake lever. This will force the other piston to advance. After the piston advances, use the tire lever to press the piston back into the caliper to its original position. Repeat the process on the other side. Do this to both pistons three to four times and the pistons will free up and advance properly. When performing a piston advance be careful not to advance the piston so far that it falls out of the caliper. If you do accidentally eject a piston, you can carefully reinstall it by pressing it back into the piston bore. When doing this, be careful to install the piston in the correct orientation. Even if your brakes don’t have a piston advance problem, performing this procedure every time you replace your brake pads is a good preventative maintenance practice. If a piston advance doesn’t free up the caliper pistons to advance and retract properly, a caliper overhaul is required. This service procedure includes replacing caliper piston seals.
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4 days ago by mikael
Hydraulic Disk brake piston not fully retracting
If the steps suggested by @DWGKNZ don't work you should consider taking it apart and inspect the Piston seals. Over time the piston seals can dry up and get gummed up with a little dirt and what looks like limestone.

Overhauling most hydraulic brake systems is doable by the home mechanic and Avid sells a parts kit for the Juicy 7's.

After I rebuilt mine I noticed the pistons still didn't retract evenly. One side would move more then the other. The reason for this is the friction between the piston and the piston seal. Dot fluid will help lubricate the retraction movement but that alone may not be enough. Ideally as part of the overhaul you should use some form of silicon grease. Avid sells a compound called DOT GREASE that is specifically designed for piston seals and O rings.

You also need a bleed kit if your are going to rebuild.

Take the pads off and clean the area with brake cleaner.
Pump the lever to push the pistons out a 4-5 mm and dab dot grease around the piston edge with a cotton wool bud or very small paint brush.
Push the piston back in and repeat the process a few times, forcing the grease into the piston seal surface.

Eventually it should be nicely lubricated and pistons should retract quickly and evenly.

Obviously it would be easier to just buy a new set of brakes but I personally learned a great deal by doing it myself and found the whole process very rewarding when you finally fix it.
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4 days ago by mikael
How to fit disc brake pads
We're using a SRAM Rival calliper to demonstrate the process, which is the same for all SRAM hydraulic disc brakes.
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6 days ago by mikael Becomes as Lime Opens New San Francisco HQ
With today’s launch of, our team has taken an important step beyond the domain that helped us launch our dock-free bikesharing platform back in 2017.

Millions of rides and a fleet of multimodal vehicles later, we've opted for a URL that better reflects our role as a global leader in smart mobility solutions.
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7 days ago by dancall

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