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We Company hired a Google executive to launch a "smart cities" project — Quartz at Work
The company behind the WeWork real-estate empire is starting a “future cities” initiative and has hired former Waze and Google executive Di-Ann Eisnor to run it. According to the We Company, Eisnor and her team of engineers, architects, data scientists, biologists, and economists will create products and partner with local groups around the world to help address problems spurred by globalization, urbanization, and climate change.

If the concept sounds a bit abstract and more than a tad ambitious, consider its source. We Company CEO Adam Neumann unveiled the company’s new brand in January with a mission to “elevate the world’s consciousness.” WeLive, its co-living arm, wants to “build a world where no one feels alone.” And WeGrow, its education group, has a stated mission to “unleash every human’s superpowers.”...

Helping to solve climate change? Perhaps it can be accomplished between dropping the kid off at WeGrow (the company’s Montessori-inspired private schools for children age 2 to 11) and jumping on the elliptical at Rise by We (the company’s holistic health center).

The move to launch a smart cities program, though, is in line with one of the company’s non-spiritual missions: to compile the world’s largest data set on how people work and live. With 425 co-working spaces in 100-plus cities, WeWork has data that economic development agencies would fawn over. The company not only has a robust sense of how businesses start and grow, but also how they use space and consume energy.... While there’s certainly value in the WeWork network for a member who might be able to, say, find a graphic designer who works on the floor above them, there’s arguably even greater value to cities and other potential partner organizations when data on the membership base is aggregated....

Though sparse on specifics, the mandate for Eisnor’s new team at We is to tie all of the firm’s disparate data sources together. As the company’s latest Chief We Officer (er, CWeO), her goal is to build on what We has already done inside the building, take it outside, and reimagine a sort of connective tissue for 21st-century cities....

We already has been doing its part to get Eisnor the data she needs. Not only has the company bolstered its network of co-working offices with co-living spaces, schools, and wellness centers, but in the past two years, it has been on a data acquisition spree.

In November 2017, We acquired Meetup, the platform for, well, meeting up, which also happens to have an 18-year repository of how people gather offline. Last year, We acquired Teem, a workplace analytics company that measures how workers use conference rooms. And this year, it acquired Euclid, a startup that uses wifi signals to understand how people move through physical spaces like malls....

When governments partner with industry, or even just take on public works projects with a private-industry mindset, a common set of issues tends to arise.

First, there’s the question of who the public-private partnership is serving.... Second, with public-private partnerships, there’s always the question of who will own the data.
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The curse of the data lake monster | ThoughtWorks
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently all the rage. Every organization is trying to jump on this bandwagon and cash in on their data reserves. At ThoughtWorks, we’d agree that this tech has huge potential — but as with all things, realizing value depends on understanding how best to use it.
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Real-time insights from streets

Numina is a deploy-anywhere sensor solution that gives cities unprecedented traffic data.
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Introduction To PostgreSQL | Dataquest
Learn Python and R for data science. Learn by coding and working with data in your browser. Build your portfolio with projects and become a data scientist.
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Jupyter Notebook for Beginners: A Tutorial
Use this tutorial to learn how to create your first Jupyter Notebook, important terminology, and how easily notebooks can be shared and published online.
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