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Machine learning: Moving from experiments to production - codecentric AG Blog
Moving from machine learning experiments to production use is hard. I invite you to join me as I think about possible approaches for it.
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2 days ago by lincze
Philips Air Fryer XXL Review: A Big Batch of Guilt-Free Indulgence
Airfryers: the often-touted solution to our sinful and decadent SG-foodie desires. The technology promising guilt-free indulgence has found favour amongst many Singaporean households, who simply want to enjoy good food without having to worry about the copious amounts of oil. With its first airfryer launched in 2010, Philips has come a long (and remarkable) way...

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Philips  Air  Fryer  XXL  Review:  A  Big  Batch  of  Guilt-Free  Indulgence 
12 days ago by vrzone
Data Versioning ·
<p>Productionizing machine learning/AI/data science is a challenge. Not only are the outputs of machine-learning algorithms often compiled artifacts that need t
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13 days ago by lincze

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