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iOS Repo Updates
All iOS Cydia Repository Updates for Jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices
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20 days ago by skinnymuch
Apps Manager · Cydia
Can fully export and import app data. Open any parts of normal app data locations. Can wipe app data. Basically like a partial Titanium app thingy on Android
repeating  best_of  beer_money  referrals  iOS_12  hacks 
20 days ago by skinnymuch
The Best Type of Exercise to Burn Fat
Feb. 27, 2019 | The New York Times | By Gretchen Reynolds.

A few minutes of brief, intense exercise may be as effective as much lengthier walks or other moderate workouts for incinerating body fat.... super-short intervals could even, in some cases, burn more fat than a long walk or jog, but the effort involved needs to be arduous......high-intensity interval training, which typically involves a few minutes — or even seconds — of strenuous exertion followed by a period of rest, with the sequence repeated multiple times. Most H.I.I.T. workouts require less than half an hour, from beginning to end (including a warm-up and cool-down), and the strenuous portions of the workout are even briefer......studies show that interval workouts can improve aerobic fitness, blood sugar control, blood pressure and other measures of health and fitness to the same or a greater extent than standard endurance training, such as brisk walking or jogging, even if it lasts two or three times as long....the most common question..... is whether they also will aid in weight control and fat loss....Plan your workouts around your preferences and schedules, he says, and not concerns about which type of exercise might better trim fat.
aerobic  arduous  best_of  cardiovascular  exercise  fat-burning  fitness  high-impact  high-intensity  interval_training  endurance 
26 days ago by jerryking
$1B+ Market Map: The World’s 308 Unicorn Companies In One Infographic
Our market map highlights which markets boast the most private companies with billion-dollar valuations.
funding  startups  lists  valuations  unicorns  silicon_valley  best_of  tech_companies  my_porn  guiltypleasures 
5 weeks ago by skinnymuch
50 Future Unicorns - CB Insights Research
CB Insights and The New York Times team up to spot high-momentum startups.
funding  startups  lists  valuations  silicon_valley  unicorns  best_of  tech_companies  my_porn  guiltypleasures 
5 weeks ago by skinnymuch
Eric Brown - Freelance iOS Developer | App Wish List
only issue is where is the data stored. if you want to export. competitor without price drop syncs with icloud and has import export
best_of  iOS_apps  lists  free 
5 weeks ago by skinnymuch

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