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baidu-research/DeepBench: Benchmarking Deep Learning operations on different hardware
Benchmarking Deep Learning operations on different hardware - baidu-research/DeepBench
benchmark  baidu  untether  mlperf 
7 days ago by severin.smith
Quick and Dirty Rails Performance Profiling - Hiltmon
When I find some Ruby on Rails or Rake tasks running slowly, I throw a quick and dirty profiler around the suspect code to find the bottlenecks with …
profiling  rails  benchmark  rubyprof 
7 days ago by justahero
Fun with charts: The iPad bests the MacBook • Six Colors
Jason Snell takes a look at what the benchmarks say about the latest iPads v the latest MacBook (Pro or plain):
<p><img src="" width="100%" />

You might say it’s not fair to compare these devices because the iPad Pro is a computer but not a PC. But even if you don’t buy the fact that the iPad Pro is perhaps the best value in terms of processor performance in Apple’s mobile product lineup today, you’ve got to admire the power of that eight-core A12X Bionic processor. The only MacBooks that can beat it right now in overall score are the two fastest 15-inch MacBook Pro models.

(For those who are concerned that only measuring multi-processor scores is unfair because so many software tasks aren’t multithreaded and have to push a single processor core to the limit—don’t sweat it. The iPad Pro still comes out on top in all the single-core versions of these measurements.)</p>

This is pretty dramatic: in price/performance terms, the iPads are miles ahead. That probably applies for non-Apple PCs too. Though as Snell says, there are other criteria too.
ipad  macbook  benchmark 
10 days ago by charlesarthur

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