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Time Series Benchmark Suite, a tool for comparing and evaluating databases for time series data
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2 days ago by lenciel
MotionMark 1.0
MotionMark is a graphics benchmark that measures a browser’s capability to animate complex scenes at a target frame rate.

More details about the benchmark are available. Bigger scores are better.
For accurate results, please take your browser window full screen, or rotate your device to landscape orientation.
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4 days ago by VoxPelli
iris 真的是最快的Golang 路由框架吗? | 鸟窝
依照我的前一篇文章(超全的Go Http路由框架性能比较)对各种Go http路由框架的比较, Iris明显胜出,它的性能远远超过其它Golang http路由框架。
但是,在真实的环境中,Iris真的就是最快的Golang http路由框架吗?

2016-04-05 更新: 我已经提交了一个Bug, 作者Makis已经做了一个临时的解决方案,性能已经恢复,所以准备使用Iris的读者不必担心。根
golang  benchmark  iris 
16 days ago by jinwik

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