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Self-Guided Beamed Propulsion for Breakthrough Interstellar Missions | NASA
the neutral particle beam system is kinda interesting, laser doppler cooled supersonic alkali vapor jet
neutral  particle  beam  projector  alkali  vapor  jet  supersonic  laser  space  propulsion  research  technology  NIAC  physics  optics 
7 days ago by asteroza
Advanced Technologies – Cambridge Vacuum Engineering
Semi-portable electron beam welder that uses a local vacuum over the weld site, Cammel Laird is trialing it for shipbuilding applications...
electron  beam  welder  local  vacuum  manufacturing  technology 
13 days ago by asteroza
Using a silicon chip coated in nanoantennas, they effectively made a metamaterial mirror for a laser, allowing a 1D laser scanner LIDAR that is solid state. Made using methods similar to LCD manufacturing, which means the beam can be actively scanned at will, so not a fixed scanning cycle either.
LIDAR  sensor  metatmaterial  mirror  1D  scanner  beam  steering  solid  state  materials  science  research  technology 
28 days ago by asteroza
Protecting the LHC from itself | symmetry magazine
Interesting that they have to spread out the beam first before hitting the dump, and the dump is made from a block of graphite. The quench protection via electrical dump to resistor grids is also interesting. I would have thought they might try to recover the power from the dump into some other storage, but I guess the safety criticality means they don't.
particle  accelertor  safety  beam  dump  design  engineering 
6 weeks ago by asteroza
AtomVM: how to run Elixir code on a 3 $ microcontroller
AtomVM is a tiny portable virtual machine that allows BEAM code to run on microcontrollers with less than 500KB of RAM such as the ESP32. So what does it mean? In few words you can flash AtomVM on an…
erlang  embedded  elixir  ESP32  atomvm  beam 
11 weeks ago by nuxlli

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