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Fox and Grapes, Birmingham - Wikipedia
I wrote a Wikipedia article about the 'Fox and Grapes', an historic pub in Birmingham, England that was demolished last year
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23 days ago by pigsonthewing
Public and permanent
On blogs being emails/letters to friends made public.
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6 weeks ago by npdoty
BCC - IO Visor Project
BCC or BPF Compiler Collection is a set of tools leveraging eBPF for kernel tracing.

IO Visor Github has some great resources here:

BCC – Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking, monitoring, and more
BCC reference guide can be found here:

BCC reference guide
This tutorial covers how to use BCC tools to quickly solve performance, troubleshooting, and networking issues:

BCC tutorial by Brendan Gregg
bcc  iovisor  Linux  kernel  bpf  filters 
november 2018 by slmingol
How to Quickly Create an Outlook Search Folder for All Emails BCC’d to You
In order to quickly check the Outlook emails BCC’d to you, you can create a search folder for such emails. This article will teach you how to get it step by step.
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february 2018 by DataNumen

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