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Rocky Mountain Power proposes 600-battery apartment building among trio of Utah DSM projects | Utility Dive
"Another proposal is the Battery Demand Response Project, which RMP would execute in partnership with Wasatch Development. Plans call for installation of individual batteries in each unit of a 600-unit multi-family development to be constructed.

"The batteries would be charged by solar facilities, and the company would have control of the batteries to deploy them for system-wide demand response," RMP told regulators."
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2 days ago by pacpost
Revisiting pre OSX Macs
"on advice from the 68KMLA forum, I contructed an 3 AAA substitute from a $1 LED light from Dollartree and spliced the connector from the old Rayovac battery - works great"
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2 days ago by cradock
Your AirPods probably have terrible battery life • The Atlantic
Alana Semuels:
<p>Of the 3.4m tons of electronic waste generated in America in 2012—an 80% increase from 2000—just 29% was recycled. “Imagine that every single thing in the world has the same life span as a battery, and wore out after 12 to 18 months,” [iFixit founder Kyle] Wiens told me. “It would be catastrophic for consumers and even worse for the planet.”

But, of course, companies design for performance and sales, not life span. They make money when they sell more units, and they’re not financially responsible for disposing of products when consumers are finished using them. Nadim Maluf, the founder of the battery consultancy Qnovo, told me that a decade ago, he went to big tech companies telling them he could help them double the longevity of their products, by extending the battery life of the lithium-ion batteries they were beginning to use. “No one really cared,” he told me. “Extending product life wasn’t consistent with growth on the financial side.”

Apple officials declined to speak on the record for this story. But in 2017, the company announced that it was working toward a closed-loop supply chain, in which 100 percent of its materials will be recycled or renewed. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, has said the company wants to keep products in use as long as possible. Apple also encourages consumers to trade in their devices to be recycled, for a small credit: Someone trading in an iPhone 5, for instance, could get $40 off the $999 price of an iPhone XS.</p>

The "not financially responsible for disposing of products when consumers are finished using them" feels like an externality that should be addressed. But would that involve tracking every device?
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2 days ago by charlesarthur

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