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Quickly go back to a parent directory in linux instead of typing "cd ../../.." repeatedly.
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17 hours ago by moalex
Bugsnag Blog - Tmux and Vim - even better together
"Recently, I wrote about a few benefits of using tmux. The benefits I discussed there are independent of one’s choice of text editor. But if you’re a vim user, the benefits of tmux reach even further. One of my favorite aspects of tmux is that it unlocks the potential for a more powerful vim-based development environment, allowing vim and the shell to feel more like a single cohesive tool."
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21 hours ago by tobi_s
Centralized BASH history with timestamps | Unix Tutorial
Shortly after such a point in your life, you'll probably want to enhance your shell history in two very common ways:

1. Make sure every terminal window can update AND access your centralized shell history. So you run a command or two in one window, then type "history" anywhere else and see them two commands right there.
2. Provide meanigful timeline, this is done with timestamps. Very simple and powerful change helps you see exactly when each command occured.

Here's how you achieve both of these massive improvents to your history in BASH. Just add this to /etc/bashrc on your Linux system:

export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d.%m.%y %T "
export HISTCONTROL=ignoredups:erasedupsshopt -s histappend
export PROMPT_COMMAND="${PROMPT_COMMAND:+$PROMPT_COMMAND$'\n'}history -a; history -c; history -r;"
export HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth
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yesterday by coffeebucket
Re: parted complain with negative number as argument for mkpart sub-comm
Pass -- after you are done with command line arguments so that it will
ignore anything else that looks like a - or -- arg. Like this:

parted -s -- /dev/sdb mkpart extended 2048M -1s
parted  argument  bash  shell  partition 
yesterday by coffeebucket
arpinum-oss/shebang-unit: Automated test framework for Bash
shebang-unit is an automated testing framework for Bash 4 based on xUnit.

With shebang-unit you can :

assert equality,
assert that string contains or not another string,
assert that array contains or not an element,
assert that status code is success or failure,
assert that command is successful or failing,
write setup or teardown functions for a test or a whole test file,
mock functions to speed up tests or enhance reliability,
view tests results with different kind of reports,
randomly execute tests to verify isolation,
save a baby kitten every time you use it!

Now you don't have any excuse for not practicing some sexy Test-Driven Development in Bash.
bash  scripting  testing 
3 days ago by dserodio

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