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7 Best Practices For Subscription Barriers and Paywalls – Member Up ;;;
tags: 7 Best Practices For Subscription Barriers and Paywalls – Member Up | payWall ;;;
popup shows soft paywall limit (x number of articles per month)
but does not show, how many i've read so far.
Here’s a good checklist on how to customize it well:

Instead of:
“Oops! Sorry, this content is only available to members. If you’re already a member, you can log in below.”

Use jargon
that your niche can understand and connect with
Reiterate on the primary problem that your site solves or the primary outcome they are after
(ex: “Join today and say goodbye to suffering through painfully inaccurate screencasts”)

Don’t use language that makes it feel like a mistake or that they broke a rule by ending up there (e.g. “sorry”, “error” and “oops”)

Instead use language that encourages them to join in on the fun. Invite them in to be a part of what your site offers (ex: “Become an insider” or “Join over 4,000 other collectors who enjoy the full benefits of our membership”).

Keep it short and to the point – don’t make them read through paragraphs of text. Start off with a heading like we mentioned before (“Get access to this article and much more…”) and quickly show them the next step is to do that.
Are special offers available for first time signers?
Do you provide a special offer (free trial, discounted price, etc.)? i.e.
initial price $0.99/month for 1st months.
Regular Price $10/month OR $100/year.
7  Best  Practices  For  Subscription  Barriers  and  Paywalls    Member  Up  |  payWall  soft 
8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
CoSN report on Driving K–12 Innovation
FIVE HURDLES: 1- Scaling and sustaining innovation; 2- Digital equity; 3- The gap between technology and pedagogy*; 4- Ongoing professional development; 5- Technology and the future of work
cosn  future  barriers  innovation  sotf 
january 2019 by WBedutech
I have friends who face everyday & having worked closely with many folks facing barriers. It ha…
barriers  disabled  from twitter_favs
november 2018 by mgifford
Addressing Financial Barriers to Patient Participation in Clinical Trials: ASCO Policy Statement: Journal of Clinical Oncology: Vol 0, No 0
Research conducted through clinical trials is essential for evaluating new treatment modalities, establishing new standards of cancer care, and ultimately improving and prolonging the lives of patients with cancer. However, participation in trials has been low, and this is attributable to various factors including patient financial barriers.
healthcare  trial  patient  participation  barriers  financial 
september 2018 by PieroRivizzigno
Coworker wants help but isn’t willing to work with me : ChoosingBeggars
"Coworker wants help but isn’t willing to work with me"

You can't turn a D student into an A student
barriers  weight  fatlogic  via:ramitsethi 
august 2018 by eaconley
Coworker wants help but isn’t willing to work with me : ChoosingBeggars
"Coworker wants help but isn’t willing to work with me"

You can't turn a D student into an A student
barriers  you-cant-turn-a-d-student-into-A-student  weight  fatlogic 
august 2018 by ramitsethi
How To Repel Foxes From Your Property
Do you have a fox problem on your property? Not only can these pesky critters be a nuisance, but they are also a safety hazard.
animal-control  barriers  foxes 
july 2018 by Adventure_Web

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