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Best Damn EDC
Reviews, collections, lists, and recommendations of best everyday carry items
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7 days ago by ponders_life
The 50 Best Messenger Bags For Men | GearMoose
We've compiled this list of the 50 best messenger bags for men looking to update their everyday carry.
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12 days ago by ccollins82
How to find the best laptop bag
As with any tech accessory, when it comes to laptop bags, one is largely spoiled for choice: From colored Cordura backpacks and canvas messengers to leather bri...
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12 days ago by ccollins82
Narain's Outdoor Repair
Outdoor Repairs, Sewing and Fabric Sales. via Pocket
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15 days ago by ChristopherA
Wings -
This is similar to the taupe one that I took to RSuite conf a few years ago that H uses now; cheaper on Amazon, saved to "Carla-general" list
"A cross-body bag with all the right pockets! Finished with a brand new quilted exterior, the Wings is sized perfectly for your daily adventures. Store your personal items safely with RFID protection and hidden zipped pockets, or your mid-day snack in a special insulated front pocket."
17 days ago by ponders_life

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