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Digital Badging | Scaled Agile (Acclaim)
What is a digital badge?
Digital badging allows individuals to share verifiable certifications online on email signatures, digital resumes, and social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Digital badging includes metadata that describes a Certified SAFe® professional’s qualifications. Scaled Agile has partnered with Acclaim to provide digital versions of SAFe certifications.
The Acclaim digital badging platform provides:

A trusted method for real-time certification verification
A digitally sharable and verifiable version of a person’s SAFe certification
Online labor market insights that connect skills to jobs

How to get a digital badge

If an individual sets their Community Platform privacy preference to share their data with Acclaim and they earn a SAFe certification, an email will be sent from Acclaim inviting the Certified SAFe® professional to claim his or her digital badge. To activate the digital badge:

Click the link in the email
Create an account on the Acclaim site
Claim the badge
Share the badge through social media or email

Scaled Agile encourages individuals to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase and promote their SAFe skills. Please allow one week to receive an email from Acclaim after becoming certified in SAFe. Contact Scaled Agile at if an email has not been received after one week.
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badges/shields: Concise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster format
Concise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster format - badges/shields
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Badge Reviews
I’ve spoken at hundreds of conferences in the course of my career and the one thing that most of them have in common is crappy name badges.
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Badge Reviews
Guidelines for making good conference badges
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What's inside your Docker containers? Inspect labels, layers and other metadata.
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