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hoschiCZ/instastories-backup: Backup your friends' Instagram Stories forever and get to keep them even after 24 hours.
instastories-backup - Backup your friends' Instagram Stories forever and get to keep them even after 24 hours.
instagram  backup 
13 minutes ago by e2b
Jenkins Backup Guide: How To Backup Jenkins Data and Configurations
In this article, we will cover different jenkins backup scenarios for backing up Jenkins data and configurations using a plugin and disk snapshots.
java  jenkins  ci  continuousintegration  devops  backup 
6 hours ago by devnulled
rsync + Automator = free and easy backups for your Mac
One of the most basic types of backup is the folder sync. Folder A lives on your Mac. Folder B is on an external hard drive. You want to make Folder B look...
backup  automator 
yesterday by zachwise
Copying a Virtual Machine lv or Partition Over SSH
* Copying a Logical Volume or Partition over SSH
dd if=/dev/vg0/partition-snapshot bs=1k | ssh remotehost dd of=/dev/vg0/partition-destination bs=1k

* Making a LVM Snapshot

Making a snapshot is not as straightforward as it should be on LVM2. Here's how I do it using an imaginary logical volume called "partition" in a volume group called "vg0." First create a partition to hold the snapshot that is the same size as the live partition.

lvcreate -n partition-snapshot -L 10g vg0
lvconvert -s vg0/partition vg0/partition-snapshot

When you're done with it, you can deactivate it with:

lvremove vg0/partition-snapshot
backup  qemu  kvm  virtualization  ssh  vm  dd  snapshot 
yesterday by dusko
macOS May Lose Data Due to APFS Filesystem Bug
Under certain conditions, macOS may copy data into the void, leading to data loss of important files, all due to a bug in how the operating system handles APFS sparse disk images.
The issue was discovered and reported to Apple this past week by Mike Bombich, the creator of a Mac backup application named Carbon Copy Cloner.
Bug affects only APFS sparse disk image files
Bombich says the bug affects only "sparse disk images" formatted in Apple's new filesystem format APFS, first deployed macOS High Sierra in March 2017.
A "disk image" is a file format that contains the entire contents and structure of a disk volume, such as USB, CD, DVD, hard disk drive, or network share.
Many Mac applications utilize disk images, especially backup software, allowing users to create copies of other volumes and quickly move files in and out of an older backup image at a later date.
A "sparse" disk image is a type of disk image file that can grow as the user adds more data to it. But sparse image disks can only go as far as the underlying storage medium permits, and they will show a free space available value, depending on the free space that remains on the underlying hard drive.
macOS  10.13  bug  APFS  backup  security  privacy  data 
yesterday by rgl7194
The Falling Price of Fat | Pseudoerasmus
Summary : There are too many baroque explanations for the increased prevalence of obesity. I suggest a simple mechanism : falling food prices, rising incomes.
econotariat  broad-econ  pseudoE  economics  supply-demand  food  obesity  trends  explanans  cynicism-idealism  money  compensation  cost-benefit  backup  epidemiology  public-health  roots 
yesterday by nhaliday
Creating a Point of Return for Windows - The New York Times
While it does not back up personal data, Microsoft’s System Restore feature saves a snapshot of your Windows settings for emergencies.
how-to  windows  pc  maintenance  backup 
2 days ago by basemaly
Carbonite Raises Online Backup Prices - TidBITS
I agree, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to write this article — it seemed counter to general trends that storage-related costs go down over time.
2 days ago by foliovision

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