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PostgreSQL Page Verification tool –
Keeping data safe is the top responsibility of anyone running a database. To prevent against data loss, the Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL team has developed the PostgreSQL Page Verification tool (pg_page_verification) to verify checksums on PostgreSQL data pages without having to load each page into shared buffer cache. The tool currently skips the Free Space Map (FSM), Visibility Map (VM) and pg_internal.init files since they can be regenerated. It can be run when the database process is online or offline and supports subsequent segments for tables larger than 1GB.
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Backblaze B2 provides the cheapest cloud object storage and transfer available on the internet. Comparatively, AWS S3 is 320% more expensive to store and 400% more expensive to transfer to the internet.
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Guide to Multi-Cloud Backup Solutions
Keeping data in multiple clouds provides a clear advantage for reliability, but it also can provide a cost savings, as well. Using multiple cloud providers can simultaneously provide geographically dispersed backups while taking advantage of the lower storage costs available from competitively-priced cloud providers.

In this post, we take a closer look at solutions that support multiple public clouds and allow you to keep several backup copies in different and dispersed clouds.
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