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Switch font color for different backgrounds with CSS
"Here is the criteria I set out to accomplish: change the font color to either black or white depending on the background color, apply the same sort of logic to borders, using a darker variation of the base color of the background to improve button visibility, only if background is really light, automatically generate a secondary, 60º hue-rotated color"
color  background  backgroundColor  contrast  CSS 
3 days ago by nhoizey
Background Images Formatter |
This module provides an image formatter that allows you to set an image in background of a tag.
The images are from a field of an entity and not from a configuration page or a custom entity or something else, so it's very easy to setup and manage.
d8  image  background 
6 days ago by bvt
Background Image |
If your site is designed around utilizing background images, then this module is for you! Whether you need a surgical implementation that only administrators/developers can implement or provide the ability to allow users to attach their own background images to entities, this module has you covered.
d8  background  image 
6 days ago by bvt
The Importance of Checking Applicants’ Financial History
Checking applicants' financial history decreases risks to your business.
Background  Screening  Financial  History  Credit  Report 
9 days ago by Adventure_Web
🍎 🖥 🎆 A curated list of screensavers for Mac OS X
mac  macos  screensaver  screen  save  image  dynamic  background  list  from pocket
11 days ago by ebouchut

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