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Here In The Afterglow - fondleeds
[1970s small town AU]
"“Amazing! Harvey Milk has been voted onto the San Francisco Board of Supervisors! A monumental event in our history!”

“I really don’t know how he’s done it…I’ve…well…”

Louis throws his head back and laughs, lets the giddy smile capture his entire face. He jumps up into the air, hoots and throws his arms up. He puts his palms against his cheeks, listening intently as the broadcasters mutter back and forth, screaming and hysterical laughter and celebration flooding over the top of them.

Across town, the sun begins to peak over the hills, blazing orange and bright."
1d  1d:harry/louis  fondleeds  AU  AU:historical  AU:school  firsttime  coming-out  angst  aww  NC-17  length:50-100k  saved:WILL 
yesterday by citibyrd
The couch was shaking a bit, on account of his dreaming.
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4 weeks ago by jennifermjones
California Sold - isthatyoularry
[The one where Harry and Louis are childhood friends, Louis is demi, and agrees to fake date Harry to help his coming out process]

"He swallows quietly, closing his eyes for one moment to contemplate. His job as a sub ends on Friday, when the actual teacher comes back from maternity leave, and his Mum and siblings are good on the babysitting front as Fizzy is still living at home.

“How soon do you need me?” he asks.

“Now,” Harry whispers."
1d  1d:harry/louis  isthatyoularry  AU  firsttime  famous/not  acefic  fake-relationship  coming-out  aww  R  length:100-200k  saved:mobi 
february 2017 by citibyrd
Farm to Table - hollycomb
""Those things got huge," Stan says as Kyle handles the biggest one, brushing soil off of it. "I've got way more than I can use, if you want some."

"Yeah, I -- okay." Kyle almost doesn't want to pluck the zucchini he's holding, though it's ripe and heavy, ready to harvest. It's bizarrely beautiful to him, almost arousing, and this annoys him, because he knows it's got to do with Stan's proximity more than the phallic shape of the fruit. He'd had such a devastating crush on Stan for most of his life in South Park that he'd nearly hated Stan for it by the time he left for college. His feelings have mellowed a lot since then, but there's still something about being near to Stan that makes him feel raw and hyper-sexual, as if he's reverted to that pudgy thirteen-year-old who got erections every time he caught a glimpse of his best friend's dark arm hair."
southpark  southpark:stan/kyle  hollycomb  canon-based  firsttime  futurefic  pining  aww  kink  NC-17  length:10-15k  saved:mobi 
january 2017 by citibyrd

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