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Fast Forward, Two Steps Back - emmagrant01
[The one where Harry didn't save Draco, but he reappears 10 years later while Harry is a professor at Hogwarts. Super good!]

"They smiled at each other and then Harry felt a flutter in his stomach -- one he recognized all too well. He stood and ran a hand through his hair. The silver stag dashed past them again. Harry flicked his wand and it vanished in a whirl of smoke.

"That's all for tonight, actually. I'm behind in marking and I'd like to get to bed before midnight tonight."

"All right," Malfoy said, though there was a definite note of disappointment in his voice. "I could help you with that, you know. Surely I'd be qualified to look over the first years' work."

Harry hesitated. He really could use the help. The extra time he'd spent working with Malfoy had put him behind. But not tonight -- he needed to clear his head before he spent any more time with Malfoy. "Well, if you're volunteering. Are you free after tomorrow's lesson?"

"I am, in fact. I'll stay after." Malfoy smiled once more before closing his rucksack and heading toward the door.

Harry realized he was staring at Malfoy's arse as he walked away, and he groaned. Well, fuck. This was a bit inconvenient."
hp  hp:harry/draco  emmagrant01  AU  AU:canon-divergence  canon-based  firsttime  futurefic  timetravel  pining  aww  ngh  NC-17  length:30-50k  saved:mobi  favorite 
7 days ago by citibyrd
Marry That One
Balin had always advised his brother to marry someone who could cook.
lotr  hobbit  bilbo/dwalin  romance  aww  marriage  au  medium  complete  on!ao3 
4 weeks ago by Severusslave
Pinkies Never Lie - emma1234
[The one where Louis has been in love with Harry forever and Harry suggests s friends with benefits situation]

"Louis huffs. He’s pretty sure he hasn’t made a pinky promise since he promised Lottie there wasn’t a monster under her bed about six years ago. Despite how ridiculous he feels, he grabs Harry’s pinky and hooks his smaller one around it.

“I pinky promise, Harry Styles. We just met and we may never see each other again and I know literally nothing about you other than the fact that you make pinky promises like a child, you love baking and taking photos, you have curly hair and green eyes, you’re the same height as me—“ Louis cuts himself off when he hears Harry laughing at that. “And,” he continues diplomatically, choosing to ignore Harry’s laughter about his height. “You’re a complete and utter twat. Still, I pinky promise that we will be best friends forever.”

Harry laughs and lifts their hands up like they’ve just had a victory, fingers still locked."
1d  1d:harry/louis  emma1234  AU  firsttime  fwb  pining  angst  aww  NC-17  length:50-100k  saved:WILL 
10 weeks ago by citibyrd
Fish Plays Fetch Like A Dog | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Fish plays fetch like a pet dog See SELF/Significantly less at a theater in the vicinity of you – Watch as this tremendous clever fish plays fetch like a pet dog Fish plays fetch like a pet dog
IFTTT  WordPress  Fishing  animals  cute  daily  aww  dog  fish  Science  experiment  shedding 
august 2017 by wotek
Rayna Meets A “robot”. | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Rayna fulfills a “robotic”. I love you, robotic! * Jukin Media Confirmed * Locate this online video and other folks like it by checking out out/953907 For licensing / authorization to use, be sure to e-mail licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com. Rayna fulfills a “robotic”.
IFTTT  WordPress  Technology  Adorable  aww  cute  funny  girl  hi  wobot  i  love  you  kid  Kids  little  Meets  rayna  Robot  water  heater 
august 2017 by wotek
RT : When you lie on your resume but still get the job.
aww  funny  from twitter
august 2017 by kcarruthers

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