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Wild Love - purpledaisy
[The one where Harry and Louis are friends who decide to try out dating for 40 days as an experiment - background Niall/Zayn]

"It’s around then that the memory of Central Park peeks out in Louis’s mind again and pushes its way to the front and right out of his mouth. “In other news,” Louis says during the next lull, unsure of where his interruption has come in the argument, “Harry asked me out on Wednesday.”

Harry’s sharp, “Louis,” coincides with Zayns, “Oh fuck,” and Niall choking on whatever he last put in his mouth.

Louis smiles, pleased at the reaction as he takes a sip from his mimosa. “Was that confidential?”

“I hate you,” Harry says conversationally, in the way he’s said it so many times before.

“I’ve been thinking about it,” Louis says, ignoring Zayn and Niall’s curious gazes, “And I think I might be into it.” He’s not sure he’s thought it through fully but he’s had a few idle ideas rolling around the past few days."
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Cat teaches dog secret to transform into liquid.
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C'mon buddy, "we don't have time to stop."
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