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Six Requirements for Growing and Scaling Autonomous Mobility
"The driverless future promised by next-generation mobility is expressed today in terms of two innovations: on-demand mobility services, e.g., ride-hailing, and microtransit, and autonomous vehicles used for consumer transportation and logistics. Currently it is necessary to evaluate the performance of these innovations using two distinct lifecycles. Figure 1 shows where we are in each of these lifecycles."
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Shepherding The Lama To A New Home (Part I) | BimmerLife
I gave a talk in Huntsville Alabama last weekend at the Heart of Dixie chapter’s annual kick-off party. In the talk, I described the twelve cars I currently own and where they’re garaged. via Pocket
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5 days ago by robmck
Ram twitter carousel ad
7 days ago by JohnDrake
Toyota Debuts KINTO Car Subscriptions |
Toyota has announced the official launch of KINTO, a new company to manage and operate its car subscription service. KINTO is funded by Toyota Financial Services and Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Company.
“As society shifts from conventional car ownership to car usage that can be enjoyed wherever and as much as users would like, there is a growing need for a service that allows customers to freely select the car that they like or want to drive, and enjoy it as they like, instead of using a car simply as a means of transportation,” the company wrote in a press release.
KINTO offers two services that will soon be available in Japan: KINTO ONE allows customers to drive one Toyota-branded vehicle over a three-year period, while KINTO SELECT allows customers to drive six models of Lexus-branded vehicles over a three-year period. Both are monthly fixed-sum services that include insurance payments, vehicle taxes, registration charges and regularly scheduled maintenance of the vehicles.
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9 days ago by dancall
RT : By employing the SAP Leonardo for Discrete Manufacturing, pay for outcome option, manufacturers can eff…
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9 days ago by TomRaftery
From instagram with moving sky image.
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9 days ago by JohnDrake
Interesting HCI work on showing self driving car intentions. Japanese makers seem to working more towards expressive eyes as the signal system though.
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9 days ago by asteroza
RT : RT How will Companies make money in the future? Selling cars? Probably selling and…
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Volvo S60 | The Longest Drive
On Sunday February 3rd, we're giving away three subscriptions to the all-new S60 from Care by Volvo.
Come back Sunday 2/3 at 6pm EST to play and be sure to start before the final whistle of Sunday's game. Whoever drives the longest wins.
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16 days ago by dancall

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