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Car companies are preparing to sell driver data to the highest bidder | Ars Technica
Car companies are preparing to sell driver data to the highest bidder #privacy
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22 days ago by jeffhammond
Globalstar's Ewert on the Strategy Behind New Automotive Division - Via Satellite - April 2018
"Although satellite companies probably won’t get the “lion’s share” of profits from the emerging connected car market, the multibillion-dollar opportunity that lies ahead could still be a revolutionary turning point for the industry. So says Globalstar’s Greg Ewert who, in an interview with Via Satellite, broke down the company’s motivation behind its decision to spin out a dedicated automotive division."

"He believes entities like Orbcomm and Globalstar can leverage their experience in connecting offshore assets and remote machinery, for example, to curate solutions more specific to the commercial automotive industry. In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also granted Globalstar authorization to deploy a low-power S-band network using its 2.4 GHz spectrum in North America, giving it a dual satellite-terrestrial advantage."

"In the future, if a car company wants to broadcast a software fix, for example, satellite would be a very cost-efficient way to update millions of cars simultaneously, Ewert said."
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5 weeks ago by pierredv

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