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LaTeX build using GitLab CI
Example setup to use a docker image with LaTeX tools to build LaTeX documents into PDF files using GitLab CI.

Assumes source is hosted on GitLab or at least something accessible to GitLab CI.
git  automation  latex 
1 hour ago by stu-rem
Mac Power Users #418: Workflows with Rose Orchard - Relay FM
Rose Orchard unleashes a wonderful collection of automation hints for iOS and Mac on the Mac PowerUser podcast. So many gems. I think this will be one I come back to.
mac  ios  RoseOrchard  DavidSparks  KatieFloyd  podcast  automation  macpowerusers  podfodder  linkfodder 
8 hours ago by vanderwal
JavaScript End to End Testing Framework |
Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.
cypress  automation  browser  javascript  testing  web 
13 hours ago by cstanhope
Monkey Test It: Automated website testing by AI 🐵
Primate powered algorithms that scan your site for common bugs and SEO mistakes.
workflow  continuous_integration  testing  automation  deployment  ui 
18 hours ago by robhawkes
Foxysoft - Home
HR e-Forms - eine smarte Lösung für Ihr Business
Behalten Sie die Kontrolle über Ihr „Papiermonster“ mit der digitalen Lösung „HR e-Forms“ zur Ablösung papierbezogener HR-Prozesse.
hr  tool  automation  bpm  robot  sap 
19 hours ago by sebbi
Amelia | IPsoft
Amelia is the most comprehensive AI platform on the market. She can increase the effectiveness of your operations by getting work completed more efficiently than ever before.

Amelia as your first
Digital Employee
When you employ Amelia, you do not employ “a single agent” at a time, you get to switch on an entire digital workforce. She connects an organization's data, systems and customer engagement channels to deliver high performance throughout the value chain.
ai  automation  tool  customer  service 
19 hours ago by sebbi

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