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The Automation Charade
The rise of the robots has been greatly exaggerated. Whose interests does that serve?
Though automation is presented as a neutral process, the straightforward consequence of technological progress, one needn’t look that closely to see that this is hardly the case. Automation is both a reality and an ideology, and thus also a weapon wielded against poor and working people who have the audacity to demand better treatment, or just the right to subsist.
Where Hollywood’s sci-fi futurism and leading tech pundits lead us astray, however, socialist feminism can lend invaluable insight, inoculating us against techno-capitalism’s self-flattering claims. The socialist feminist tradition is a powerful resource because it's centrally concerned with what work is—and in particular how capitalism lives and grows by concealing certain kinds of work, refusing to pay for it, and pretending it's not, in fact, work at all.
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Building Your First Azure Automation Runbook -- Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online
Discusses the Azure Automation tool. At this time, you can choose to write PowerShell or Python code, or create a PowerShell workflow.
azure  automation  powershell 
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Motion BOX – edelkrone EU GmbH
Extremely easy to use, pocket sized moco solution for amazing motion timelapses or videos.
camera  motion  capture  image  photography  tool  box  automation 
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prasmussen/chrome-cli: Control Google Chrome from the command line
Control Google Chrome from the command line. Contribute to prasmussen/chrome-cli development by creating an account on GitHub.
cli  automation  commandline  chrome 
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