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Automatically boost your Twitter engagement |
Use TweetNinja to get more followers, engage with influencers and boost your Twitter engagement - on autopilot
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yesterday by kpieper876
Welcome to curtin’s documentation! — curtin 18.2 documentation
This is ‘curtin’, the curt installer. It is blunt, brief, snappish, snippety and unceremonious. Its goal is to install an operating system as quick as possible.
installation  automation  preseed 
2 days ago by jrisch
Osiris - General purpose, scale-to-zero component for Kubernetes
Osiris enables greater resource efficiency within a Kubernetes cluster by allowing idling workloads to automatically scale-to-zero and allowing scaled-to-zero workloads to be automatically re-activated on-demand by inbound requests.
Kubernetes  performance  opensource  automation  devops 
2 days ago by liqweed

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