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Teach and learn programming | SoftBank Robotics
The robots Pepper and NAO are ideal platforms to learn robotics and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. These robots are suitable for all teaching levels from primary to secondary school.
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7 hours ago by TomasMartinez
SoftBank Robotics | Robots humanoïdes et programmables
SoftBank Robotics est le leader mondial de la robotique humanoïde. Découvrez nos robots Pepper et NAO et leurs solutions pour votre entreprise.
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7 hours ago by TomasMartinez
autism v. gut-flora L. reuteri
experiment with mice and probiotic gut flora seems to eliminate autism symptoms
autism  biology  probiotics  medicine 
2 days ago by tswaterman
What Women With Autism Want You to Know | Iris - YouTube
also "5. The nuances of dating can be challenging... but we do have sex lives"
autism  asperger  gender  video  women 
3 days ago by pmigdal
Gut bacteria may offer a treatment for autism - Treating autism
AUTISM AFFECTS people’s social behaviour and communication, and may impair their ability to learn things. All this is well known. Less familiar to most, though, are the gastrointestinal problems associated with the condition.
autism  microbiome 
3 days ago by pmigdal

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