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New study: How and gut bacteria influence "This immune activation is…
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14 hours ago by nigeljames
Some thoughts on autism - Rachael
For some people, "neurotypical" (or "allistic") means basically "Muggle". They imagine neurotypicals as this undifferentiated horde of sheeple who all like the same manufactured music and commercial fashion and can't think for themselves. Yes, there are a lot of people like that; but you don't have to be autistic to not be like that.
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5 days ago by pozorvlak
Cognitive Accessibility by Jamie Knight & Lion
Cognitive accessibility is the area where usability bumps into disability. I consider cognitive ability to be a bell curve. With most people falling in the same area, but at one time or another I think everyone will experience the world from a perspective somewhere towards the edge of that curve. For me, its because I am autistic. For others, its because they are tired, or in a rush, or an older user. For many, they happen to be drunk. With this in mind, I propose that cognitive accessibility at the end of the day is really just usability at the extremes. We will all experience it.
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9 days ago by spaceninja

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