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Spock is heir to the Federation throne, Jim is Prince of America because his fucking brother abdicated, and the Klingons are on the verge of blowing shit up--a love story.
author:waldorph  author:screamlet  pairing:jim/spock  Over_70k  au_marriage  AU  Love  contains:romance  On_Ao3 
november 2018 by fallsslowly
William had already casually texted Nicky a photo of the sunset, a cool little haha bet you don’t have this in GÄVLE, but there was no response. Gävle had Nicky and William didn’t and it was bullshit.

The other side of William’s bench shook and William looked up from his phone, expecting some rude asshole to have sat down to try and pick him up or talk to him about nature or some other fucking garbage he didn’t need right now.

Alex Ovechkin was smiling at him, an arm stretched across the back of his bench.
HockeyRPF  NicklasBackstrom/AlexanderOverchkin/WillianNylander  10-25  Slash  Threesome  Polyamory  GetTogether  pining  Texting  Author:screamlet 
march 2018 by LilyC
it's just breakfast
Maya wasn’t exactly sure how the whole… Shawn actually being around and her full-time guardian… thing would work on a daily basis. Like today, a Monday, the start of the first week she had slept in her own room in this apartment above Riley’s, when she was wide awake two hours before they usually left for school. 
GirlMeetsWorld  Cory/Shawn/Topanga  03-10  Polyamory  Fluff  EstablishedRelationship  FiveTimes  Family  Author:screamlet 
february 2018 by LilyC
the washington royals by screamlet
Sasha doesn’t remember the very first time he met Nicky, but Michael Nylander is kind enough to remind them when he arrives to meet the team, carrying an honest to fuck laminated newspaper clipping of the first time Prince Alexander visited Sweden to meet his future husband, Prince Nicklas.
An arranged marriage — or, an arrangement and a marriage.
via:concinnity  fanfiction  fandom:hockey  ship:backstrom/ovechkin  slash  rating:r  au  trope:royalty  trope:arrangedmarriage  author:screamlet 
april 2017 by peyton
the washington royals
Sasha doesn’t remember the very first time he met Nicky, but Michael Nylander is kind enough to remind them when he arrives to meet the team, carrying an honest to fuck laminated newspaper clipping of the first time Prince Alexander visited Sweden to meet his future husband, Prince Nicklas.
An arranged marriage—or, an arrangement and a marriage.
fic  fandom:hockey  pairing:ovechkin/backstrom  author:screamlet  rating:r  note:au  note:romance  length:25000-49999 
march 2017 by septiemestar
Detailing the first shore leave of the USS Enterprise.
StarTrek  Kirk/Spock  10-25  Slash  Fluff  GetTogether  ShoreLeave  Author:screamlet 
january 2017 by LilyC
STXI: a little human(oid) interest, K/S, PG-13, 4K
Surprising everyone, including Spock himself, the senior crew of the Enterprise was invited to a black-tie gala a week after the ship’s return Earth, hosted by none other than Dr. Amanda Grayson.
futurefic  au  fandom:stxi  pairing:k/s  rating:pg-13  author:screamlet 
december 2016 by meitachi
a little human(oid) interest by screamlet
"Surprising everyone, including Spock himself, the senior crew of the Enterprise was invited to a black-tie gala a week after the ship’s return Earth, hosted by none other than Dr. Amanda Grayson."
fandom:star_trek  author:screamlet  star_trek:au  genfic  kirk/spock  recommended 
december 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
a little human(oid) interest
Surprising everyone, including Spock himself, the senior crew of the Enterprise was invited to a black-tie gala a week after the ship’s return Earth, hosted by none other than Dr. Amanda Grayson.
StarTrek  Kirk/Spock  03-10  Slash  Fluff  Humor  Author:screamlet 
december 2016 by LilyC
STXI: The Electric Cat Planet, or, A Day in the Life of Leonard McCoy, PG-13, 12K
One ridiculous day in the life of Leonard McCoy.

(Featuring McCoy/OC Vulcan, ridiculous Jim and his ridiculous Vulcan spouse/first officer, Jo, some angst, electric cats, and working out relationships.)
fandom:stxi  pairing:k/s  outsider.pov  rating:pg-13  author:screamlet 
november 2016 by meitachi
So Far Gone
Starts with the shuttle trip from Riverside Shipyard to Starfleet Academy and picks up from Kirk and McCoy's conversation in the Reboot film. Suddenly, it's an epic, sprawling monster that fills in the gaps of the Academy years, the Narada, and the early years of the five-year mission. Humorous, dramatic, angsty, sexy, ridiculous -- it's got it all?
fic  fandom:startrek  author:screamlet  wordcount:30k-60k  genre:humour  note:favourite 
november 2016 by attendtothebones
The Cleverness of Me - screamlet - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Prompted by waldorph; she wanted Kirk being oblivious. I want the whole crew to know that Spock loves him… and for Spock to be at his wits end. Something about sexually-frustrated!Spock appeals to me. Bonus if Kirk is fucking everything with legs in the meantime. Well, I got the oblivious part down.
fic  startrek  kirk/spock  author:screamlet  wordcount:10k  ao3  saved 
august 2016 by anascho
screamlet: the lucky ones
They made the decision to drive to Myrtle Beach when Holster found the fucking sweetest cottage near the beach.


AO3  !slash  fandom:omgcheckplease  pairing:adam/justin  character:shitty  character:oc  character:jack_zimmerman  character:lardo  genre:humor  rating:PG13  author:screamlet 
june 2016 by Miscella
the lucky ones - Chapter 1 - screamlet - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
They made the decision to drive to Myrtle Beach when Holster found the fucking sweetest cottage near the beach.

--Can't remember the last time a fic made me laugh this much. The bro dialogue is hilarious. Also contains feelings.
author:screamlet  fandom:checkplease  pairing:holster/ransom  wc:10-20K  =humour  rating:pg-13 
june 2016 by sunrayravine
vacation, all he never wanted
ELIZA> You are going to take a vacation.
HAMILTON> i’ll talk to potus
Alexander gets a break.
HamiltonRPF  Hamilton/Everyone  Hamilton/Eliza  Hamilton/Laurens  03-10  Het  Slash  Polyamory  ModernDay  Texting  Humor  Author:screamlet  Awesome 
february 2016 by LilyC
every day is a gift that's why they call it the present
JEFFERSON> am i, as a white man, allowed to say bruh

HAMILTON> you need more black friends

you need more friends

we are not friends
Hamilton  Hamilton/Eliza  Hamilton/Everyone  03-10  Het  Slash  Polyamory  ModernDay  Texting  Humor  Author:screamlet 
february 2016 by LilyC
Filmmaking for Assholes - screamlet - Actor RPF, Star Trek RPF [Archive of Our Own]
For Zach's 34th birthday, J.J. Abrams give him the reins of the Star Trek reboot franchise and tells Zach to give him a script, a cast, and a shooting schedule by the end of the summer. Not to be left out, Chris helps out by turning the original screenwriters' swamp of notes into a shooting script and John takes over casting duties. Despite three months of whining, cereal, sighing, whining, and cross-country banter, they might just manage to get this movie together and make something new of their careers.

Set during the summer of 2011.
fic  startrekrps  chris/zach  author:screamlet  wordcount:40k  ao3  saved 
january 2016 by anascho

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