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In Silence You Can't Hide Anything
One night (more like morning, actually) I got it into my head that I wanted to write a fic exploring both the euphoria and the turmoil of being in love... as one does at two in the morning when they're rabid insomniacs and they're too tired to sleep. So yeah, hopefully that last sentence explains a great deal in regards to this fic, lol. ;-)
fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  author:jaylee_g  pairing:spirk  complete  sweet  very.good 
march 2014 by Kehlen
Fic: Fall Into Your Gravity
Toddler Spock and Jim meet at a Starfleet function and spontaneously bond. One would think meeting one's soulmate at so young an age would make courtship fairly easy… Not so much when the two people in question are each vying for the spot of the most stubborn being in the galaxy and neither likes to do anything the easy way.
length:10001-20000  au:meet-as-kids  trope:bond  genre:au  trope:tarsus  genre:drama  status:complete  genre:angst  fandom:stxi  rating:r  pairing:kirk/spock  author:daphnie_1  author:jaylee_g  trope:kid!fic 
february 2012 by waywardtrekkie
Most Gods Throw Dice (But Fate Plays Chess)
Most gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess, and you don't find out till too late that (s)he's been playing with two queens all along. ~ Terry Pratchett
film/tv  fanfiction  fandom:startrek  pairing:kirk/spock  pairing:kirkprime/spockprime  author:jaylee_g  AOS/Reboot  TOS  relationship:firsttime  genre:slash 
february 2012 by coeurdesoleil
Quiver by jaylee_g
Kirk/Spock, "Jim is hesitant to allow Spock to meld with him."
kirk/spock  author:jaylee_g  fic  st:aos  fandom:startrek 
september 2011 by Remadi
Incongruent by jaylee_g
Kirk/Spock, "Thus the pattern continued. Learn people, see what makes them tick, and cajole around their defenses to benefit his person. It wasn’t until one night, while drinking away the fact that he had to live in a universe in which stupidity existed, that he began to reevaluate his hard-earned take on the psychology of man."
kirk/spock  author:jaylee_g  fic  st:aos  fandom:startrek 
september 2011 by Remadi
Of Lirpas and Laras (You say it best)
ksadvent submission for the prompt: Spock has almost nothing of Vulcan. Kirk searches the universe for things to give him.

(so sweet and darling:D)
startrek  kirk/spock  ksadvent  mccoy  pg  fluff  first-time  author:jaylee_g 
september 2011 by kianspo
The Mayor of Hedgerville (K/S, 1/1)
'It was all very skeevy on Spock’s part, getting under Jim’s skin like that. It still baffled him. How had his walls been infiltrated?'
Author:jaylee_g  StarTrek  Slash  fanfic  Spock/Kirk  Relationship:FirstTime  OneShot  Romance  Length:1000-5000 
september 2011 by Ambrosine8
In Silence You Can't Hide Anything (K/S, 1/1)
Nothing in his life had ever been so powerful, or so wonderful, nor so dire all at once.
Author:jaylee_g  StarTrek  Slash  fanfic  Spock/Kirk  Romance  Relationship:Established  OneShot  Hurt/Comfort  Length:1000-5000 
july 2011 by Ambrosine8
Entire of Himself (Kirk/Spock, 1/1)
You were prepared to hate your accuser on sight, in fact, you were already mentally preparing your diatribe, and the sharpness of your glare, before he stepped up to the podium to confront you... But then your eyes caught his and you froze.
Author:jaylee_g  StarTrek  Slash  fanfic  Spock/Kirk  Romance  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  OneShot  Mindmeld  Length:1000-5000 
july 2011 by Ambrosine8
Cumulative Evidence (K/S, 1/1)
"So maybe he wasn’t prone to self-denial naturally, but he was sure as hell certain he could learn it with time"... or Jim Kirk's guide to discovering you're attracted to men, or rather one half-human, half-vulcan male in particular.
Author:jaylee_g  StarTrek  Slash  fanfic  Spock/Kirk  Romance  Relationship:FirstTime  OneShot  Length:5000-10.000 
june 2011 by Ambrosine8
Of Lirpas and Laras (You say it best)
Spock has almost nothing of Vulcan. Kirk searches the universe for things to give him.
Slash  fanfic  OneShot  StarTrek  Author:jaylee_g  Spock/Kirk  Relationship:FirstTime  Romance  Length:5000-10.000 
june 2011 by Ambrosine8
Fall Into Your Gravity (K/S, 1/6)
Toddler Spock and Jim meet at a Starfleet function and spontaneously bond.
Tarsus  Rec  Author:Jaylee_g  Fandom:StarTrek  Complete  Pairing:Spock/Kirk  Rating:PG-13  Trope:Kid!Fic 
may 2011 by FairyNiamh
Fic: Chemical Compatibility
Carol had warned him once, in her kind-yet-succinct way, that he would one day meet someone who would be able to get under his skin. He wondered what she would say if he called her now and told her of his predicament… She would probably find the entire thing vastly amusing.
length:5001-10000  rating:r  relationship:established  status:complete  fandom:stxi  pairing:kirk/spock  author:jaylee_g  genre:domestic  genre:fluff  genre:romance  genre:humor 
march 2011 by waywardtrekkie
Fic: All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
The terminal disappeared and the crowd of people disappeared, and it was just the two of them, the way it always seemed to be when Spock was near.
length:5001-10000  trope:hurt!kirk  trope:bond  relationship:established  rating:pg-13  genre:h/c  pairing:kirk/spock  fandom:stxi  status:complete  author:jaylee_g  genre:angst 
march 2011 by waywardtrekkie
Of Lirpas and Laras (You say it best) by Jaylee
Summary: [info]ksadvent submission for the prompt: Spock has almost nothing of Vulcan. Kirk searches the universe for things to give him. || [ Alternate link: ] || Bones laughed, a harsh chuckle filling Jim's quarters and startling Jim out of his nausea. "No Jim, I don't think that Spock felt obligated, no more obligated than you did spending the last three months of your salary on a fucking chess set. What I think is that both you and Spock are idiots. Genius idiots, but idiots nonetheless."
fandom:startrek:2009  pairing:kirk/spock  c:mccoy  humor  romance  oblivious!kirk  oblivious!spock  pov:kirk  <6.000  rating:pg  author:jaylee_g  first-time  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
december 2010 by csad

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