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Miles to go by esama (G)
In which Philip fails to buy a lottery ticket and gets a hug. Philip Pearson | Traveler 3326/Desmond Miles


fanfiction  fandom:Travelers  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  crossover  hurt/comfort  bar  cuddling  Author:esama  rating:g  WIP  via:jenna_marianne 
5 weeks ago by yarngeek
Miles to go by esama (G)
In which Philip fails to buy a lottery ticket and gets a hug. Philip Pearson | Traveler 3326/Desmond Miles
fanfiction  fandom:Travelers  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  crossover  hurt/comfort  bar  cuddling  Author:esama  rating:g  WIP 
6 weeks ago by jenna_marianne
Impermanence by esama (NC-17)
In which Desmond ends up back in time and doesn't so much decide to use it to deal with some hangups he had about Ezio's life as much as sort of... falls into doing it because of bitterness and spite and some very questionable medicine. Ezio Auditore da Firenze/Desmond Miles (28,077 words)

[[In which Desmond travel's back in time to the Sanctuary under the Auditore Villa, just as the Borgia's are destroying Monteriggioni. He finds Ezio's arms & armor and gets drunk/drugged off some of Ezio's medicine, and when he wakes up the next morning he's fought off countless soldiers and robbed Monteriggioni's bank, judging by the giant chest of gold he wakes up with. He makes his way to Rome to find Ezio and accidentally becomes a caravan leader of Monteriggioni refugees and various other travelers. They end up thinking he's a dragon, due to his obsession with gold/loot and his extreme strength, and forms (again accidentally) a group of 'dungeon' raiders.]]
fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  crack  timetravel  drunk  dragons  Author:esama  rating:nc-17  wc:020001-030000 
9 weeks ago by jenna_marianne
Sith of Old by esama (PG-13)
In which generals Skywalker and Kenobi investigate an Ancient Sith Temple and Desmond Miles isn't really a Sith, promise.

A/N & prompt: Sorta inspired by tumblr prompt by mayon-usha : "Well, if you still feel like writing in the Assassin's Creed universe too: The Jedi are descended from the Templars, and the Sith(or just darksiders in general) are a bastardization of the Assassins. Some Sith or traitor Jedi finds an old abandoned temple on some long lost planet, with a "Sith of old" stored within. They awaken it, only for Desmond to pop out. Commence Desmond bitchslapping people for their stupidity."
Didn't quite write that, but I'm always up for troubling people found in ancient Sith temples. Or Isu temples, in this case.
fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  fandom:Star_Wars  crossover  gen  Author:esama  rating:pg-13  WIP 
9 weeks ago by jenna_marianne
Mother May I by esama (R)
Fantastic Beasts 1 AU fix-it.

In which Newt can recognize an Obscurial by sight. (42,365 words)
fanfiction  fandom:Fantastic_Beasts  drama  gen  Author:esama  rating:r  wc:040001-050000  Warning:Child_Abuse 
10 weeks ago by jenna_marianne
And another thing by esama (PG-13)
Desmond, Shaun, Rebecca and Bill travel from end of AC3 to start of Brotherhood.
fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  timetravel  gen  Author:esama  rating:pg-13  WIP 
november 2018 by jenna_marianne
Existential Headache by esama (PG-13)
Existential Headache...Desmond has one and he is one.
Now Desmond finds himself wondering if Animus was possible because it had to be possible, just to make him possible, because the fucking… historic existence paradox had to happen somehow. Because he saw the past, the way for past to be seen had to become a thing, somehow.

He kind of wants to have a headache now, one of those splitting spikes through the brain he used to get before Animus Island, just to have something to stop that terrible, horrifying train of thought.

"I can go anywhere," Desmond says, his voice shaking a little.

"Anywhere your blood has tread, yes," Jupiter agrees, watching him. "But know this – no matter how you change the past, the past will yet create you. You will always exist – you cannot undo yourself. Time will always lead you here."

Desmond draws a breath and as much as he'd like to withdraw back to the blissful ignorance of questioning and denial… he gets it faster than he'd like. "I'll always die December 21, 2012," he says slowly.

"You will always be here, now," Jupiter says.

Desmond swallows and nods. Well… he'd made his peace with that. Sort of. And all evidence kind of suggests death is not going to be the end of him, whenever it comes, however it comes – hell at this point he's not sure if he even can die properly.

"Is – is there ever going to be anyone else?" Desmond asks then. "Like me, I mean – will there be other Ciphers?"

"Not that we have seen them," Jupiter says.
fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  timetravel  gen  Author:esama  rating:pg-13  WIP 
october 2018 by jenna_marianne
Stone Angel by esama (NC-17)
In which Minerva gives Ezio more than a cryptic warning in the Temple under the Vatican. (eventual Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad/Desmond Miles if continued)
fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  timetravel  drama  angst  wing!fic  injury  Author:esama  rating:nc-17  WIP 
october 2018 by jenna_marianne
Black Robe by esama (R)
In which the Auditore Family gets an early warning. Federico Auditore da Firenze/Desmond Miles (59,620 words)
Federico tilts his head, glancing at his father and looking to Desmond's face. He doesn't look too bothered by it, but there's hint of something there. Exhaustion or maybe frustration. "Do you mind if I ask what happened?" Federico asks. "You came to Florence with nothing, you live in a tomb – were you robbed, or…?"

Though who could rob a Master Assassin?

Desmond doesn't answer immediately, concentrating onto oiling his chest guard. Then he shakes his head. "No, we weren't robbed," he says and frowns. "I guess you could say we got exiled."

Giovanni's eyes widen at that and he looks up to Federico sharply. Federico frowns – that's… as much as he admires Desmond, that's worrisome. "From – the Branch of the Brotherhood you're from?" he asks slowly.

Ser Desmond has never claimed the title of Assassin. He wears the hood and carries the mannerism with the practiced ease of a born Assassin, but he's never called himself that. And he doesn't call his companions that either – and they aren't fighters. So, does that mean…

Desmond chuckles wryly and shakes his head, glancing at Giovanni. "A piece of Eden was involved," he admits quietly. "We didn't agree how it was about to be used, the consequences it would've had to the world. So… we were sent away to somewhere where we couldn't make trouble anymore."

That term again. Federico grimaces with frustration, looking up to his father, but Giovanni's expression has drawn thoughtful and tense. "And this Piece of Eden, where is it now?"

"Very, very far away," Desmond says with a snort of bitter laugh. "Not really an issue here."
fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  timetravel  Author:esama  rating:r  wc:050001-060000 
october 2018 by jenna_marianne
Sometime Yesterday by esama (NC-17)
Desmond wakes up in a forest, nine years in the past. Clay/Desmond (105,963 words)
"What the hell is this, Desmond?" Clay asks, wiping at his mouth, leaning his forehead onto the blessedly cool surface of the porcelain sink. "My body's dead – it died – how am I – " he stops to stare at his hand, and then shakily pulls his sleeve down. No scars, no wounds, no blood. "How?"

Desmond sighs, and sits on the bathroom floor beside him. "Few days back I woke up in Black Hills," he says. "Just… nine years back in time," he says. "Came to find you because I need something from you – didn't expect this exactly. What the hell did you do?"

Clay closes his eyes. "Water," he croaks.

Desmond looks at him flatly and then reaches up to turn the tap on before reaching for the shower head. Without a second thought, Clay turns it on himself and soaks his face with the outpour, heedless of his clothes getting wet and the mess he's making. Fuck, it feels glorious. Cold and real.

"I – it was like a backup. You know, just in case," Clay gasps, after rinsing his mouth and drinking his fill and getting water everywhere. "It wasn't really – it wasn't the whole thing, just essentials. Just in case."

"Just in case what, I ran into something you could hijack? Like a comatose body?" Desmond asks.

"I was thinking more along the lines of Animus with enough unused data storage. Or maybe computer. I could've done with the internet," Clay says and drops the shower head. As he just breathes for a moment, Desmond reaches up to turn the faucet off again. "You travelled back in time?" Clay then asks, disbelieving.

"Apparently. Don't ask me how – it just happened," Desmond answers and leans back again. "I died and then I woke up."

"You – died."

"Yeah – at the Grand Temple. The device, the one that was supposed to save the world, it killed me," Desmond says and lifts his knees up, to lean his elbows on them. "Doubt it was intentional, though. I mean, the time travelling. Juno wouldn't have done it, not when she just got what she wanted."

Clay frowns a bit at that and then lifts his head, wincing. "This is insane," he mutters and wipes the water from his eyes. "I'm just a college student – what the hell is this?"
fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  timetravel  Author:esama  rating:nc-17  wc:100001-200000  Warning:Rushed_Ending 
october 2018 by jenna_marianne
Study of Flight by esama (R)
Minerva and Jupiter send Desmond back in time to change history. Leonardo da Vinci/Desmond Miles (123,505 words)
"I will give you the knowledge of flight," Minerva decides. "And you will be start the humanity's quest for the skies hundreds of years ahead of it's time. This will ensure that by the time the Sun begins its flaring, humanity will be ready."

Desmond opens his mouth and makes a garbled noise of objection. "That's – you're kidding me. That will change everything!" he says. "That will change – the whole human history."

"Only the last five hundred years of it," Minerva says dismissively
fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  timetravel  Author:esama  rating:r  wc:100001-200000  Favorites 
october 2018 by jenna_marianne
I was born for this by esama (R)
Juno did her best to lead him to her preferred fate, but the end is coming and Desmond has doubts. Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad/Desmond Miles
"I… think I'm going to fuck up all of history," Desmond says quietly and looks at her, watching her expression carefully. If she thinks it's stupid… "Juno's been messing with us and Templars since Altaïr's time. I want to go back and… stop her from doing that."

To her credit, Rebecca doesn't look like she thinks he's lost his mind. Actually, she kind of looks like she was expecting it. "It's probably going to take more than just that, Desmond," she says quietly, watching him seriously. "If she can influence people through all the Pieces of Eden… it's gonna take more that just changing the start."

"Yeah, I know," Desmond agrees quietly. "But I can't just go back and destroy her here without destroying the Temple - we still need it. But if I get there and cut her off somehow before she can start changing things and making a mess of everything, then maybe…" he trails off, frustrated. "I have to try."

Rebecca frowns, rubbing her hands together. "Eight hundred years, Desmond," she says. "Eight hundred years of potential manipulation and changes to history. That's… a lot."

"Yeah," he says and grimaces. Eight hundred years and a few hours to plan it. "I think I'm going to have to try it anyway. Will you help me?"
fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  timetravel  Author:esama  rating:r  WIP 
october 2018 by jenna_marianne
Long Shadows by esama (PG-13)
After Connor falls to his destruction in his first mission, Amanda arranges a learning opportunity for him. Connor & JARVIS
fanfiction  fandom:Detroit:Become_Human  fandom:Iron_Man  crossover  artificial_intelligence  robots  drama  gen  author:esama  rating:pg-13  WIP 
august 2018 by jenna_marianne
High Profile by esama (PG-13)
Post Grand Temple Desmond lands in a world of superheroes. (gen, possibly eventual Desmond/Clay if continued?)
via:dievillain  fanfiction  fandom:Assassin's_Creed  fandom:Avengers  crossover  dimension!hopping  action/adventure  humor  author:esama  rating:pg-13  WIP 
june 2018 by jenna_marianne
Best laid plans by esama
"What he hated most about his perfect plan going wrong, is how much his nemesis enjoyed being brought along for the ride."
fandom:harrypotter  author:esama  harrypotter:au  genfic 
march 2018 by Laria_Gwyn

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