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Krypton | Let's make two-factor easy & secure
Krypton implements the standardized FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol to provide secure, un-phishable two-factor authentication on the web, using just your phone.

End-to-end Secure

Krypton is built on top of an end-to-end verified and encrypted architecture. This means zero trust. We,, cannot access your keys or see where you're authenticating. The keys only live in the Krypton app on your phone.
GitHub  authentication  Android  iOS  2FA  U2F 
2 days ago by coffeebucket
How to Add Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to React Apps
In this article, you will learn how to implement Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in React apps properly. First, you will take a brief look into what authorization and authentication is. Then, you will look at a naive strategy that is used constantly while securing React apps. In the end, you will learn what RBAC is, see the working example, learn what makes it a better strategy, and how you can implement it in React.
react  tutorials  authentication 
6 days ago by tamouse
Okta | Always On
Provide secure identity management and single sign-on to any application, whether in the cloud, on-premises or on a mobile device for your employees, partners and customers with Okta.
authentication  saas 
6 days ago by zchi
Add authentication to applications and secure services with minimum fuss. No need to deal with storing users or authenticating users. It's all available out of the box.

You'll even get advanced features such as User Federation, Identity Brokering and Social Login.

For more details go to about and documentation, and don't forget to try Keycloak. It's easy by design!
lang:en  Security  authentication  Identity  AccessManagement 
6 days ago by DASKAjA
Handling authentication in GraphQL - Introduction (Part 1)
Part one of a three part series on authentication in GraphQL. In this part, get an overview of authentication and how it is handled in GraphQL.
graphql  authentication 
7 days ago by jonasbehmer
ImperialViolet - Security Keys
A pretty good description of WebAuthn. With code samples.
webauthn  web  security  crypto  sha256  authentication 
7 days ago by m4f10

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