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GitHub - tralves/groceries-ns-vue: 🍏 🍍 🍓 A NativeScript+Vue iOS and Android app for managing grocery lists
🍏 🍍 🍓 A NativeScript+Vue iOS and Android app for managing grocery lists - tralves/groceries-ns-vue
nativescript  vuejs  vue  example  auth 
4 days ago by cajazzer
danschultzer/pow: Robust, modular, and extendable user authentication system
Robust, modular, and extendable user authentication system - danschultzer/pow
elixir  auth 
9 days ago by geetarista
Simplify Login with Application Load Balancer Built-in Authentication | AWS News Blog
Today I’m excited to announce built-in authentication support in Application Load Balancers (ALB). ALB can now securely authenticate users as they access applications, letting developers eliminate the code they have to w
authentication  auth  aws_security  news 
17 days ago by eeichinger
[Feature Request] Enforce mandatory email verification · Issue #21 · firebase/firebaseui-web
More and more amazing the basic features that Firebase Auth Web UI lacks:
* no 2FA
* can't separate Sign In from Sign Up
* no UI for sending verification emails
* Social login 5x slower than auth0
* 120kB bundle size
against  Firebase  Auth  Web  UI 
21 days ago by dandv

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