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Medevac hopes are dashed by Coalition's cowardice and legal sophistry | Nick Martin | Opinion | The Guardian
Further suggestion that Australian politicians and activists are poorly prepared for the flexible repertoire of means available to DIBP to implement and sustain the border regime.
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10 hours ago by attentive
Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (Australia)
Monash University is Australia’s leading university in medical engineering.

Our multidisciplinary teams of researchers, together with top clinicians in our partner hospitals, are creating innovative medical technologies for the heart, lung, brain and vision.
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Chemical leak at East Bendigo linked with substance found in Bendigo Creek
THE Country Fire Authority has confirmed last night’s chemical leak in East Bendigo was linked with the recovery of a substance at the Bendigo Creek the night prior.

A container filled with an unknown substance was found at the creek near Goornong about 8.30pm on Thursday. 

The CFA responded to the incident and handed control of the site over to the Environmental Protection Authority. 

A man was injured last night when a drum sent to a company in East Bendigo for cleaning released chemicals.

He remains at the Bendigo Hospital.
Australia  public  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
4 days ago by dchas
Opinion | Australia’s Burning, Flooding, Disastrous New Normal - The New York Times
We are a land of proudly resilient people. But in an age of climate change, we can’t just hike up our Stubbies and move on.
australia  climate  collapse  environment  ecosystem 
5 days ago by emilyd
'Throwing workers a bone': Deliveroo calls for national laws to govern gig economy
Deliveroo has called for national legislation to govern the relationship between on demand economy platforms and independent contractors.
Australia  industrial-relations  gig-economy 
5 days ago by onefewercar

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