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‘Our children deserve better’: parents win judicial review of special needs spending | Education | The Guardian
Families claim shortfall in government funding is illegal, as schools struggle to pay for support services
UK  Austerity  discrimination  Disabled  education  policy  injustice 
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Interserve: UK outsourcing giant loses rescue vote - BBC News
Outsourcing giant Interserve has failed to persuade shareholders to approve a rescue plan for the company.

Interserve is expected to go into administration later today, although its contracts are likely to continue as normal and no job cuts are expected.
Carillion  Interserve  Austerity  UK  Privatisation  outsourcing  Council  NHS  G4s  Prison 
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“A version of Brexit has ALREADY HAPPENED”: Rob Delaney, austerity, and our warped news agenda
When a Tory-led government was elected in 2010, it brought in an austerity agenda that has now more than halved council spending on public services. This is all while the costs of social care are going up.
Real-terms spending on adult social care fell by 5.8% from 2010–17, and English councils were expected to cut nearly 5% of the total budget in 2018/19. This is at the same time as rising demand: the number of people in need of care aged 65 and over increased by 14.3% from 2010–17, and the number of adults with learning disabilities rose by around 20% in 2009–14.
It is telling that Chancellor Philip Hammond made no mention of fixing the social care crisis in his Spring Statement, other than yet again referring to the long-awaited spending review that has yet to signal a new funding model and more money desperately needed in local government. As social care is a legal duty of local government, it is soaking up a vanishing pool of money for other services that can lessen the burden on social care services in the first place.
Delaney’s claim that “A version of fucking Brexit has ALREADY HAPPENED to the poor, elderly & disabled in this country” is particularly striking.

In terms of the economic and social devastation and uncertainty Brexit’s detractors fear it will bring, this apocalyptic picture is already a reality for some families and communities across the country – as a result of austerity. No wonder horror stories about the catastrophe of no deal fail to land.
Equally, the failings of the new welfare system Universal Credit – part of austerity, by cutting benefits – would be a “version of Brexit” in terms of media attention; a huge, costly, poorly-planned public policy disaster.

This isn’t to say Brexit should be covered any less, but rather its coverage, and the public, would benefit from more of an understanding of how Britain is quietly falling apart at the seams. This situation, after all, was part of what drove the Leave vote in the first place.
by:AnooshChakelian  by:RobDelaney  from:NewStatesman  austerity  Conservatives  SocialJustice  SocialCare  disability  Brexit  politics  PhilipHammond  geo:UnitedKingdom  journalism 
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Halt privatisation of cancer screening or risk patient harm, MPs tell NHS England | Society | The Guardian
Multi-disciplinary meetings at the trust – at which each patient’s treatment is discussed in detail – could be affected by OUH no longer proving every element of cancer care, she said. “Outsourcing a key service to an offsite provider could make it more difficult for the necessary clinicians from the various disciplines (including surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists) to meet to decide on the best course of treatment for each patient,” she wrote.
NHS  Austerity  Privatisation  Cancer 
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400 care home operators collapse in five years as cuts bite | Society | The Guardian
BDO’s research said care homes, already struggling with debts racked up before the credit crunch, had “suffered as a result of the reduced spending by central government”.

It warned that further pain lay ahead, highlighting research from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services showing that councils had £700m of social care cuts planned in 2018-19, despite growing demand.
UK  Austerity  social  care  adult  sickcare  elderly  demographic  bubble  NHS  Council  Rentnerrepublik 
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‘Nothing's changed’: what happened next after UN poverty envoy's UK visit | Society | The Guardian
Young people were glad to be heard by Philip Alston but have seen little progress since and say politicians should listen more - Ex-Tory MP Heidi Allen admits regret over backing benefits freeze Independent Group MP says ‘lack of knowledge’ led her to vote for policy in 2015
UN  UK  Austerity  envoy  poverty  child  Foodbank  Theresa  May  CON-servative  Conservative 
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Richard Alston for hire: 'Who will let an elderly deaf man loose on their dancers?' | Stage | The Guardian
I knew that if I didn’t agree to do this, there was a threat that the Place would not get its funding,”
dance  austerity 
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