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Visualize Your Wall Painted a Different Color With These Apps
“Painting your walls is definitely an undertaking, but not quite as much of an undertaking as figuring out what paint color you want to use.

“Selecting a paint color has traditionally entailed heading down to your local paint shop to color swatches or samples and holding them up against the wall to try and figure out how the wall would look covered in the color in question. Now thanks so AI, you can do that from your couch.”
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2 days ago by handcoding
Treatment of phantom limb pain (PLP) based on and gaming controlled by myoelectric pattern recogn…
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3 days ago by Kevmoss
How Cosmopolitan engages readers on mobile | WARC
In response to this trend, Pels has a clear objective. “My goal is to bring those two things together, and to bring the magazine to life through the phone as much as possible,” she said.


As an example, the publisher has partnered with YouCam, an augmented-reality (AR) app for cosmetics. This technology allows consumers to use their smartphone camera to virtually apply make-up to their faces.

It also updates, in real time, as the user switches between, say, different shades of lipstick and eye shadow, or moves her head to the left or right.
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13 days ago by JohnDrake
RT : Night of exciting debate + Beta testing app using the tech to tell
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14 days ago by LibrariesVal
MAGFest 2019: VR/AR for Museums
Here's a panel from @MAGFest re: AR/VR in museums. Appreciate the sharing but also a lot of unsubstantiated claims in there. I've been drafting an essay on how AR/VR tends to go horribly wrong or just be incredibly uninteresting in museums (with real research & citations!) Stay tuned. #musetech
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15 days ago by davidnunez
What an excellent way to spend an afternoon in Margate. These and other edgy happenings tomorrow!
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18 days ago by mildlydiverting
Art and ARKit – democratizing art and culture with tech - TapSmart
A number of augmented reality #ar experiences built w/ ARKit for museums I've started to formulate a "here's how to sell AR to my museum" set of rules...
Surprise me, basically... and good luck with that. #musetech
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22 days ago by davidnunez

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