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Automatic tone arm lifter. Not compatible with optional Q lever on U-Turn table.
Audio  Turntable 
2 days ago by andrew.schamess
U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable Review | Audio Advice
Modular - can choose what components I want, and upgrade later. I'd say this versus Pro-Ject Debut Carbon would be top choices.
Audio  Turntable 
3 days ago by andrew.schamess
Debut Line – Pro-Ject Audio Systems
$340-380. Main advantage over U-Turn is carbon fiber tone arm. No automatic tone-arm return.
Audio  Turntable 
3 days ago by andrew.schamess
[H]ardOCP: Replacing Op-Amps in a Topping D10 DAC
“This chart is hugely amplified (vertical axis) relative to what I normally show. Despite that, the differences are tiny. Assuming you want to go by that difference anyway, the best performance was achieved using the op-amp shipped with the unit, the TI OPA2134!”
topping  d10  opamps  audio  2018 
3 days ago by handcoding

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