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Conserve the sound
»Conserve the sound« is an online museum for vanishing and endangered sounds. The sound of a dial telephone, a walkman, a analog typewriter, a pay phone, a 56k modem, a nuclear power plant or even a cell phone keypad are partially already gone or are about to disappear from our daily life.
audio  history  museum  sound 
2 days ago by terry
Why are conversations limited to about four people? A theoretical exploration of the conversation size constraint - ScienceDirect
Which might suggest freeform conversations in meetings only really work well at 4 or less people, or else you have the ritual/social equivalent of a conch token to control speakers (which effectively cuts speaker count to compensate). The take that you are effectively tracking potentially 8 "endpoints" also suggests some connection with memory limits (you generally can handle 7 things simultaneously, maybe don't count yourself?)
psychology  conversation  audio  social  studies  meeting  speaker  size  constraint  cognitive  limit 
3 days ago by asteroza
FFTNet/NB1 Fit a Sine Wave.ipynb at master · fatchord/FFTNet
Pytorch Implementation of FFTNet. Contribute to fatchord/FFTNet development by creating an account on GitHub.
notebooks  pytorch  fft  audio  synthesis  ml  nn  papers 
3 days ago by rryan
quiet/quiet: Transmit data with sound. Includes binaries for soundcards and .wav files.
"This library uses liquid SDR to transmit data through sound. This makes it suitable for sending data across a 3.5mm headphone jack or via speaker and mic. Quiet can build standalone binaries for encoding/decoding data via .wav files or for streaming through your soundcard via PortAudio. It can also be built as a library to be consumed by other C programs."
programming  library  pmz  c  audio  networking 
3 days ago by mechazoidal
Transcription, Captions, Translation - Rev
Online audio transcription, video captions and document translation services. For immigration, business, legal, academic and personal needs.
audio  service  transcription  translation  tools  video  services  transcribe  subtitle 
3 days ago by ldom
CTS - conserve the sound
“Conserve the sound” ist ein Online-Archiv für verschwindende Geräusche.
history  museum  audio  archive  sound  art  blog  consumerelectronics  digital-preservation  Diigo 
3 days ago by atran
The Free Digital Music Studio
This is a guide for both aspiring producers and the experienced studio worker. After spending countless hours, or let's be honest - years, learning about audio production and different hardware and software options, reading on the forum, discussing with colleagues, and spending tens of thousands on gear, I feel like saving other people some valuable time and money. So I decided to write this entry-level guide, with relevance for pros also. I’ll actually use this guide myself too, to find and install all the free software I still use(even though I have a lot of expensive stuff also), after a format, or when I buy a new computer.
Music  Audio 
3 days ago by ftofani

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