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A Year of Utility Classes
Last year at Mud we adopted a utility-first approach to CSS (also known as atomic CSS). In this article I’ll summarise what I’ve learnt from adopting atomic CSS in an agency context over the past year, and where it might or might not be appropriate to apply it.
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15 days ago by spaceninja
Swift Tip: Atomic Variables · publishes books on advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development
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24 days ago by phatblat
PostgreSQL: Re: Methods to quiesce PostgreSQL DB without configuring log archival
>> If archive_mode is not configured, and i use snapshot solution for backup of
>> the server, how can i ensure data consistency? Is there a way to quiesce all
>> the connections to DB?
> If your snapshot solution is atomic, then you are *probably* okay. I would
> do a few restores to test, but atomic snapshots give you a point in time and
> should be consistent.

You should be OK *if all files in the backup are part of a single
atomic snapshot*. You can't put pg_xlog or selected tablespaces on
a separate filesystem that has a separate snapshot and expect the
various snapshot to be combined to be used as a coherent backup
unless you are archiving WAL and use pg_start_backup() (before the
first snapshot is initiated) and pg_stop_backup() (after the last
snapshot is completes) to take a PITR-style recovery.

Be sure to follow all the rules for PITR-style backup and recovery,
like deleting the file and all files under pg_xlog
before starting the recovery. And of course, do NOT delete the
backup_label file created by pg_start_backup().
postgres  postgresql  atomic  snapshot  quiesce  database  db 
29 days ago by theskett
In Defense of Utility-First CSS
We, as developers, must be the first to embrace change. Looking back at my first reaction towards utility-first CSS, I realize how important it is we keep an open mind instead of rushing to pick a side. It doesn’t matter how experienced we think we are. Experience is great, but it can also make us believe we already have all we need to make judgment calls and don’t need to dive deeper to understand new concepts.
utility  atomic  css  bem  modular 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Eerie photos show dilapidated relics of the Soviet era - CNN Style
Written by The Bartini Beriev VVA-14 (above) is one of the most bizarre airplanes ever made. It could take off vertically and land on the water, and it was designed to search and destroy US submarines during the Cold War.
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7 weeks ago by neverminding
Nuke test films digitized in the nick of time - CNN
(CNN)After decades in their film cans, thousands of nuclear testing explosion films are finally seeing the light of day, thanks to a project by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).
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7 weeks ago by neverminding

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