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Why Is It So Hard to Predict the Future? - The Atlantic
Credentialed authorities are comically bad at predicting the future. But reliable forecasting is possible.
futurism  Innovation  Strategy  atlantic 
11 days ago by jorgebarba
Making 'Avengers: Endgame': Russo Brothers Interview - The Atlantic
The brothers Anthony and Joe Russo discuss their unlikely journey to directing Marvel’s megahit Avengers: Endgame.
Storytelling  filmmaking  interview  atlantic 
19 days ago by jorgebarba
What Happens If You Find Cameras in Your Airbnb - The Atlantic
The home-rental start-up says it’s cracking down on hosts who record guests. Is it doing enough?
5 weeks ago by thx1138
What a Year in Space Did to Scott Kelly - The Atlantic
An unprecedented and illuminating study monitored identical twins, one in space and one on Earth.
5 weeks ago by thx1138
The Overprotected Kid
The Atlantic Magazine 2014 article about changing practices for how/if children are allowed to play and explore on their own when growing up.
The  Atlantic  childhood  parenting  control  autonomy  exploration  play  risk 
6 weeks ago by nikomoeller
Psychedelic Microdosing's Potential Antidepressant Benefits - The Atlantic
A study on rats offers the first biological evidence that small doses of hallucinogenic drugs could have therapeutic benefits.
CavemanCircus  drugs  atlantic 
8 weeks ago by thx1138
Annapurna and Megan Ellison Are Still Betting on Artists - The Atlantic
Annapurna Pictures—the company behind If Beale Street Could Talk and Sorry to Bother You—is being scrutinized for the reported unprofitability of its films. But its quandary reflects broader problems in Hollywood.
filmmaking  Hollywood  atlantic 
10 weeks ago by jorgebarba

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