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overcame a deficit of 5+ runs to win 4 times, tied with , , and for the most su…
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5 days ago by rdr
In one-run games this season were 25-14, 2nd-best record in American League after (31-14).…
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7 days ago by rdr
Luke Voit made his debut in Wednesday’s Wild Card Game vs , hit a two-run triple in…
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Football coach Don Hudson, who made history at Macalester, dies | Star Tribune | October 6, 2018
Former Macalester football coach Don Hudson, the first black head coach at a predominantly white college in the modern era, died Sunday in Charlotte, N.C. He was 88. Hudson was Macalester’s head coach from 1972 to 1975. Macalester honored Hudson at halftime of a football game in 2007 and a year later, following the completion of the Leonard Center, the football coach’s office was named the Coach Don Hudson Football Office. His daughter, Justice Natalie Hudson, is a member of the Minnesota Supreme Court.
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14 days ago by macalestercollege
record for most hits in an ALDS is 5 by Johnny Damon in 2003 vs . Last season Mookie Betts became…
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15 days ago by rdr
Rant & Rave: Security officer save on slippery dock | The Seattle Times
A Seattle Times reader raved about a UW security officer who helped them after they slipped while trying to board a boat after a Husky football game.
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16 days ago by uwnews
announces American League Division Series game times: or at , Friday at 7:32 ET/4:3…
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19 days ago by rdr
now have 4 players with 10+ GDP this season. also have 4 such players. and have…
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21 days ago by rdr
Wild Card Watch: beat 4-1. The TBR loss assures the Wild Card spot vs NYY. Still a fight…
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Opinion | UW’s first Tongan volleyball player reflects on the value of bridging the vision gap | The International Examiner
"In our global society, the value of our cultural identity and the unique contribution it can bring to an organization was the question University of Washington wanted to know from me when I committed to play on the UW Women’s volleyball team after I graduated from high school in 2013," writes UW volleyball player Jade Kesone Finau.
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27 days ago by uwnews
will be motivated for a win here tonight. Earlier today pounded 21-3. OAK is now 2 game…
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