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Snowden helper arrives in Canada after being granted asylum
A woman who helped shelter Edward Snowden in Hong Kong has been granted asylum in Canada.

Vanessa Rodel and her seven-year-old daughter Keana arrived at Toronto Airport on Monday.

The 42-year-old says she is now "safe and free" and will settle in Montreal.

Ms Rodel was one of several refugees who gave ex-CIA employee Edward Snowden shelter while he was on the run for leaking details of US top-secret phone and internet surveillance.

The Philippines national fled sexual violence in 2002 and sought asylum in Hong Kong. In 2013, while her asylum case was ongoing, she was asked by her lawyer to shelter Edward Snowden in her apartment.

Her case for refugee status in Hong Kong was eventually rejected in 2017.
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Home Office uses debit cards to spy on asylum seekers • The Times
Marc Horne:
<p>Individuals seeking asylum in Britain are issued with prepaid Aspen debit cards, allowing them to spend £35 a week on food, clothes and toiletries.

It has been discovered that the microchipped cards are being used to monitor people’s movements and are revoked if they leave their “authorised city”, the place where they are being given temporary housing. More than 27,000 cards have been issued but fewer than 200 people have been penalised for breaching the condition.

The Home Office confirmed that the cards were being used to track users and a spokesman said: “We are able to access and examine data from the cards on transaction value, point of sale location, date of transaction, retail outlet and ATM location.”

They confirmed that 186 people had their support stopped last year “as a result of a referral regarding the Aspen card usage”…

Stuart McDonald, the SNP [Scottish National Party] spokesman on asylum and immigration, said that the policy was a grossly invasive failure. “The limited information the Home Office has finally been prepared to make public shows that this mass surveillance has found a ‘breach in conditions’ in less than 1 per cent of cases,” he said. “Tens of thousands of people have been monitored in a grossly invasive way to achieve virtually nothing.</p>

It's only "grossly invasive" if they watch precisely what people are doing all the time, yes? This seems to pick up exceptions. Unless there are people looking at the locations of the transactions. But that seems like overkill, especially given the tiny number of breaches.
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AILA on asylum EAD clock
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She encourages illegal immigration. Those who are safe at home are applying illegally for ,…
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Washington Monthly | The Trump Administration’s Assault on Asylum Seekers
rgent cries for help recently rang out from an abandoned factory in Piedras Negras, Mexico. More than a thousand asylum seekers, including young children, are locked in there against their will, without blankets or basic necessities.
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What Is Asylum? Who Is Eligible? Why Do Recent Changes Matter? | WBUR News
Explains some facts in global asylum law and nuances in USA's practice, Trump Admin's efforts to prevent [allegedly] asylum seekers from applying per their right
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What's the difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker?
Very short but useful definitions of refugee, migrant, asylum seeker, stateless person, etc.
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Behrouz Boochani: detained asylum seeker wins Australia's richest literary prize | World news | The Guardian
Guardian writer on Manus Island wins $125,000 after sweeping non-fiction prize and Victorian prize for literature
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