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Alias acts as a middle-man device that is designed to appropriate any voice activated device. Equipped with speakers and a microphone, Alias is able to communicate and manipulate the home assistant when placed on top of it. The speakers of Alias are used to interrupt the assistance with a constant low noise/sound that feeds directly into the microphone of the assistant. First when Alias recognises the user created wake-word, it stops the noise and quietly activates the assistant with a sound recording of the original wake-word. From here the assistant can be used as normally.

The wake word detection is made with a small neural network that runs locally on Alias, which can be trained and modified through live examples. The app acts as a controller to reset, train and turn on/off Alias.

The way Alias manipulates the home assistance allows to create new custom functionalities and commands that the products were not originally intended for. Alias can be programmed to send any speech commands to the assistant’s speakers, which leaves us with a lot of new possibilities.
amazon  assistant  privacy  machinelearning  alexa 
12 days ago by oliverw
Tortu | VUI design tool for any platform
Create prototypes, write and visualize dialogs, share with others. Design voice apps for any platform — Alexa Skills, Actions on Google, chatbots, IVR.
voice  interface  design  alexa  google  assistant 
4 weeks ago by tranqy

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