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Trauma Guide
Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Lifelong Consequences of Trauma
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The Girl in the File: Margarete Schaffer under Nazi Psychiatry - Los Angeles Review of Books
Asperger was complicit in the Reich’s racial hygiene policies, and that he approved the transfer of dozens of children to Spiegelgrund, Vienna’s killing center — many of whom died. He deemed the youths irremediable, a drain on the Reich.

Margarete managed to survive Asperger’s clinic, though she was not home for long. She was ultimately moved from one psychiatric institution to another, diagnosed, prodded, and assessed by the various doctors, nurses, and officials. After her stint in Asperger’s clinic, she was sent to Spiegelgrund, the child killing facility. Later, she spent several months at the adult euthanasia center Steinhof.
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Board of Assessors meets with utility appraiser to discuss assessment update | Local |
The board of assessors voted Thursday to direct the city’s assessing firm to expand the list of land sales and use the updated land component to recalculate its statistical update.
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