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GitHub - GovanifY/openvcl: Replacement for VCL (VU Command Line)
"a software development tool that simplifies [PlayStation 2] VU programming by preprocessing source into standard VSM/DSM. It merges both pipelines into one single path, manages register allocation and (in the near future) reschedules instructions for efficient execution. This kind of software has previously only been available for registered developers and purchasers of PS2 Linux. For others, the functionality has been unavailable, and hampered development of easily managed VU programs."
repo:github  homebrew  Sony  reverse_engineering  assembly  graphics  psx 
16 days ago by mechazoidal
GitHub - Fody/Home: The landing page for Fody repositories
The landing page for Fody repositories. Contribute to Fody/Home development by creating an account on GitHub.
msil  cil  assembly  management  editing  library  opensource  floss 
17 days ago by gilberto5757

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