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Speaking of Equihash – BEAM-MW – Medium
If there are two people alone in a room, they have a chance of one in 366 to have the same birthday, one for every day of the year, plus February 29. If there are 367 people in a room, you can be…
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19 days ago by orlin
Taiwan chipmakers asked to defer mining ASIC shipments • Digitimes
Cage Chao and Willis Ke:
<p>Taiwan IC designers capable of providing crypto mining ASIC solutions are feeling increasing pressure from customers postponing shipments and new product development amid Bitcoin plunging to a new low of under US$5,000 recently, and the waning mining fever is expected to undermine revenue performances of the chipmakers in the first half of 2019, according to industry sources.

The sources said that since the beginning of 2018, many new mining customers have moved to contract Taiwan chipmakers, including MediaTek, Global Unichip, Alchip, Faraday Technology and RDC Semiconductor, to design exclusive ASICS fabricated on advanced 7nm process to effectively save power consumption and better mining performance.

But the ever-declining prices of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have not only built up record-high inventory levels of mining graphic cards at suppliers, but also sent mining ASIC clients asking Taiwan IC designers to delay shipments.

Among the designers, RDC Semiconductor has suspended development of ASIC solutions for mining customers; MediaTelk is not expected to enforce its 7nm mining ASIC plan until the first half of 2019; and other peer chipmakers Global Unichip, Alchip and Faraday do not have clear delivery schedules for such customers, the sources said. Even TSMC has directly scaled down mining ASIC foundry orders to near zero, according to industry sources.</p>
bitcoin  asic  mining  cryptocurrency 
22 days ago by charlesarthur
Braiins OS | Open-source system for cryptocurrency devices
Braiins OS is the very first fully open-source, Linux based system for cryptocurrency embedded devices. Now enabling AsicBoost. This initial release is targeted on mining devices, however since we used OpenWrt as a base, its features can be extended in many directions.
mining  os  opensource  embedded  linux  asic  technology  asicboost 
11 weeks ago by orlin
cryptanalysis - Memory-hard proof-of-work: are they ASIC-resistant? - Cryptography Stack Exchange
All three of these answers are great.


> Long story short: to create an ASIC for whatever cryptocurrency, you have to have financial backing and a clear break-even-point within reach. If you don’t have those two corner-stones, memory hardness is the least of your problems and you better go back to your drawing board to rethink your plan.

> Getting back to your questions: if we assume that your attacker has access to resources as described above, such an attacker would be able to work his/her way well beyond the limits of a specific “memory-hard” PoW implementation.

> The logic question arising out of this (and somewhat implied by your question) is: is memory-hardness “the” solution towards ASIC-resistance? Not really
cuckoo-cycle  cryptocurrency  asic  mining 
may 2018 by num1
The State of Cryptocurrency Mining – Sia Blog
For those new to the blog, I am the lead developer of Sia, a blockchain based cloud storage platform. About a year ago, myself and some members of the Sia team started Obelisk, a cryptocurrency ASIC…
mining  asic  cryptocurrency  hardware  analysis  economics  strategy  manufacturing  centralization  bitcoin  pow  consensus  politics 
may 2018 by orlin
RT : Yep folks, the chief who conspired to mislead (after AMP defrauded its
customers  lawyer  ASIC  AMP  from twitter
april 2018 by kcarruthers
According to a recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is keeping a watchful eye on the insurance industry and, the direct sales channel has been a particular focus of the regulator’s attention.
ASIC  insurance_advertising  blog_article  melbourne_insurance_brokers 
march 2018 by donmegga

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